Reflections by College Bound CVer
It’s been 162,744 hours that I have lived in the Crescenta Valley. I have had 46 teachers beginning at Dunsmore Elementary and working through Mountain Avenue Elementary, Rosemont Middle School and CV. I have logged 587 volunteer hours in the past four years and been part of eight school clubs. I really do fit the nerdy stereotype that my mom, Mary O’Keefe, has written about so many times. I am constantly counting, adding, and multiplying – trying to quantify every aspect of my life so that I can process it easier.

I block out silly things like emotions because that’s what I thought “scientists” did. But now, I am six days away from moving 2,473 miles from my home to a school with 2,100 students … and there is definitely emotion. As a quick overview, I would like to say thank you to each of the groups that meant so much to me.

To the Fire House kids: You have made the past three years more fun than I could imagine. I love walking from room to room to see kids playing video games, singing in a circle around a guitar, skating down guardrails, and seeing different cliques coexisting peacefully with each other. Keep having fun and making wise choices. ; )

To Prom Plus Club:
Prom Plus has been part of my daily life for the past five years. I was taught how to volunteer by the King and Queen of Volunteering: Steve Pierce and Jean Maluccio. These two were at every event that I was at and when I went home to complain about how exhausted I was, they kept working, never looking for recognition for what they had done.

Cheryl Davis is the most levelheaded, calm mother I have ever met. She is getting more and more involved with Prom Plus and I am so excited to see the new progress we’ll make now that she is part of the group.

Lisa Yeghiayan is not only the mother of my best friend (so good job, Lisa!) but also a crazy volunteer. This woman is like the Energizer Bunny, always there to help the Prom Plus Club in anything we need. She has been like a second mother and I love her so very much.

When [Lisa’s daughter] Aimee and I realized that we would have to move on from high school, we started looking for a new Prom Plus Club leader. We have put so much into this club that we had to make sure that we found the perfect candidate and with Dylan Sylvester, we know we did. He has been amazing at every event and is able to do exactly what we want: be the first to arrive, the last to leave, and carry all the tables. He is a natural born leader who can make volunteering fun while still running a productive club. I ask that everyone show him the same support that helped Aimee and I throughout the years. Good luck, Dylan!

To Starbucks:
I have a confession to make … I am an addict. I don’t know how I will survive in a town without Starbucks but I am grateful for the time I have had.  Please keep my White Chocolate Mocha with Raspberry warm for me. I will be back!!!

Next week there will be one more thank you. But for now, to the Crescenta Valley as a whole, thank you for making me the person that I am today, supporting me in everything that I do and caring about this community.

See you in four years!

Molly Shelton
La Crescenta