Not so Wonder-Full

Call me “Meathead” but CV’s own Archie Bunker – a.k.a. Jim Chase – is showing his true colors (mostly white) once again [My Thoughts Exactly, What a Wonder-full Summer, July 5].

I wonder … does Mr. Chase actually try to determine the validity or truth of some of the inflammatory diatribes he spews forth. The most recent case in point: while Planned Parenthood is opening a clinic at Roosevelt High, the clinic is not providing “abortion services to minors” as he would love you to believe. They do provide contraception, pregnancy tests, as well counseling and screening for STDs. By researching the topic, I also discovered that while the birth rate among teenagers in L.A. County has fallen, certain Latino communities, such as that served by Roosevelt High, have not followed this trend. Such a drag when research gets in the way of your divisive rhetoric, huh Jim? “Abortion Factory Opens on High School Campus” would fire up the base, I know…doesn’t matter that it’s not true.

I wonder … to what “vanishing liberties” does Mr. Chase refer? You hear that phrase tossed out so often, but nobody will give an example of where it is actually happening. I doubt he refers to the attempts to deprive a woman of her liberty to decide what is best for her reproductive health.

I wonder … if he’s frustrated that America is not the little white, Christian utopia he dreams about. In past articles he’s shown his distain, if not outright hatred for: our president, the LGBT community, Democrats, those who believe in women’s rights, secularists, Latinos (with their ‘charming little Hispanic names painted on the sides of their dump trucks’ cleaning the catch basins), Muslims, the ACLU, the NAACP … shall I go on? Seems like the only people Mr. Chase doesn’t have an issue with are those intolerant, socially conservative, white evangelicals who believe as he does. The face of America continues to change, showing more beautiful colors and diversity every day.

I wonder … if the fact that this group now finds itself in the minority is too much to bear.

Even though we disagree, we still love you, Archie!

Patrick Schulze
La Crescenta