On Mary Boger’s Decision To Step Down
Mary Boger, president of the Glendale Unified School District board of education, is a woman of impressive vision and compassion, remarkable educational leadership and experience, an articulate and passionate advocate for students and public education, and an untiring and devoted community activist and volunteer.

For over 30 years, Boger has been an active and involved community leader. Her numerous volunteer activities on behalf of students in such organizations at the PTA Council, Glendale Healthy Kids, Las Candelas, the Adelante Latinos, and the National Charity League of Glendale, among others, earned her numerous awards and recognitions. Among two of her successful and highly influential leadership activities were her chairing [the] successful passage of two bond elections: a $186 million bond to renovate and rebuild the Glendale schools, and a $96 million bond for Glendale Community College.

Her vast experience on educational issues came as a result of her involvement and active participation as a member of the California School Board Association Delegate Assembly, Region 23; the California Association of Large Suburban School Districts; The Five Star Education Coalition; the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association; and as board liaison to former California State Senator Jack Scott and congress member Adam Schiff.

Mary Boger is a school trustee who has incredible passion and unwavering commitment to students. To meet and listen to her eloquent and articulate views on educational and social issues is both inspiring and impressive. A trustee needs to meet, listen and appreciate a colleague whose passion for public education is infectious and whose enthusiasm and advocacy on behalf of students is convincing and inspiring.

Her integrity, commitment, leadership, knowledge of issues, and passion for public education are very evident. Her track record is well documented, highly regarded, respected, deserved and recognized.

Mrs. Boger’s decision to step down from her position as board of education president [Boger Steps Down from GUSD Board, July 10] is a great loss to students and our community. My deepest respect and appreciation and best wishes for good health and happiness to a special and dear friend and colleague, Mary Boger.

Chakib “Chuck” Sambar, Former President
Glendale Unified School District, Board of Education
Los Angeles County School Trustees Association

Common Core in Schools Now
Common Core (CC), the national standard as dictated by the federal government and adopted by states, has been implemented in California. The control of academic content, standards and testing through our state and local policy makers has been relinquished. There has also been a change in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) to accommodate the new CC standards.

What is the connection between CC and SAT? David Coleman is both the chief architect of CC and president of the college board that administers the SAT exam. Mr. Coleman is aligning the SAT to the CC curriculum. The SAT changes are being criticized as a “dumbing down” of the test. This change is causing people to question the quality of CC. (Reference Cato.org, “SAT Changes=Bad News for Common Core?”)

Concerns over CC in California are growing. Parents are having their children opt out of the year-end exam. (The form can be obtained by going to

There is also an event taking place on July 22 and July 29, “We Will Not Conform.” Go to
www.fathomevents.com to get tickets.

Remember that today’s classroom is tomorrow’s government.

Denise Soto
La Cañada

Had Enough of Portantino
I attended the Crescenta Valley Fourth of July Fireworks Show, and what a disappointment it was. Perpetual candidate Anthony Portantino was the emcee, so we had to deal with inappropriate politicking on our nation’s birthday. But even worse than Portantino’s in-your-face ambition was how he flubbed the show. Apparently, because he had to be at another campaign stop or something, he rushed the show, starting the fireworks when it was still light outside. Please, for the sake of decency, someone tell Mr. Portantino that his never ending campaigns have no business ruining our local fireworks show.

Jake Miller
Editors note – From CV Fireworks Assn president Steve Goldsworthy: The timing of the show is never up to the emcee, it is the committee that runs the event, in conjunction with the fireworks pyrotechnician, that determines the timing of the show. And the committee reached out to Anthony to help us with the show, not the other way around.

Hurray to CVW and Cal Phil
Many thanks to the CV Weekly for supporting (and advertising) the recent California Philharmonic “Cowboys and Copland” concert. We attended the outdoor concert at the Santa Anita Racetrack [on Saturday] and had the opportunity to listen to a top-notch orchestra on a perfect Southern California evening. There’s a little bit of magic in hearing the bold American music of Aaron Copland while sitting underneath a sunset stretching across the San Gabriel Mountains!

We look forward to attending other concerts in this outstanding series.

Fred Linkchorst
La Crescenta

Enjoyed Fun in the Park
On Saturday, June 21, the Glendale Coalition for Better Government organizers presented their first social event … a one-year anniversary party open to the public at Glenoaks Park, featuring free food (delicious beef kabobs, tender and tasty chicken roasted on skewers, hot dogs/frankfurters, fluffy rice, green salad with fruit chunks, a fabulous assortment of cookies including fudge brownies), lots of beverages (fresh tea, bottled water, soda pop), a raffle with neat prizes (I won the lovely black and white canvas bag with the motto Advocating for a Sustainable Responsible and Transparent Government), a welcome speech by the master of ceremonies John Samuel, and a few remarks by the president of the Glendale Coalition for Better Government Frank Gallo.

I saw board of directors [member] Ronald Kedikian manning the barbecue, Kenneth Landon handling the raffle tickets, and Harry Zavos setting up tables and chairs in the big, spacious, clean, beautiful, air-conditioned recreation room. Other helpful attendees who assisted at the party were Aram, John, Mike and Angel. Even candidate for Glendale City Council Mike Mohill and his lovely wife Lorraine were in attendance. This social event marked the one-year anniversary of the birth of this non-profit, patriotic organization – July 3, 2013.

The short once-a-month regular meetings are strictly business – no frivolity there.

Hope to see all of you at next year’s fun picnic in the park!

Laima Baltrenas