Not Enthralled with ‘Progress’

As the residents of La Crescenta and surrounding areas try to conserve or precious water, the construction of gigantic multi-unit apartments/condos continues.

It seems futile for the longtime residents to conserve when we look around and see development of these monstrosities going up everywhere. These are 30-50 unit buildings housing two to five residents each, using more water to drink, cook, wash clothes, dishes, shower and flush toilets. I resent being told to further conserve so thousands more people can use more water. As a dry spell approaches, I will surely be told to only use water on Monday and Wednesday or some other crazy schedule.

I’m a senior on a fixed income and water is expensive. As these multi-unit buildings [continue to be built], the water will be more and more expensive and scarce for everyone.

I realize this is progress, but we need to put some thought into how many more of these buildings we can accept in our area that increase the usage of water.

Patricia Beggs