Sad Adieu to Dominick’s
Yes, Dominick’s is a great loss to our area [“From Sad to Mad in Two Blocks,” My Thoughts Exactly, May 17]. We have lost many good restaurants over the past 10 years. I now have to go to Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock to get good pasta and pizza at a family run restaurant.

The wife and I started going to Dominick’s in the early 1960s. When we moved up here in 1969, Dominick’s became a place we went to at least once a month. There were many nights we went to support some school function or Scouts. As much as we went there, I do not remember any children with a ticklish stomach. Either we took it in stride or we were fortunate enough to miss those nights.

You forgot to mention Flo’s button she wore. It said Tipping Is Not A Town In China. If anyone else had that button on, I might have taken offense to it. But it was Flo, and that says it all.

We found out after Flo retired that, while she and Susie worked together, they were not particularly friends. It shows their professionalism. Even in a local family restaurant you can find people with lots of class.

If you ever want to try Casa Bianca, they are closed Sunday and Monday, cash only. The parking is a bear.

Take care.

Tom Suter
La Crescenta

Graduation Reflections
Graduation. There are so many different kinds of graduations. Pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, masters and graduate study. They all are so important. Success has many meanings; it’s not accomplished in one day but through days of hard work. I like what Walt Disney said: “Keep moving forward –opening new doors and doing new things. Your curiosity will leap you down the path of success.”

Sometimes it takes courage to tell those we love that we are going to follow the path that calls to us. If we don’t, whose life are we living?

Life is about new chapters, setting a new course. Tomorrow is just waiting to be filled with our unique dreams. Let us see beyond all seaming limitations and value ourselves and all others as creations of God. Let us be ready to experience refreshing choices, innovative communications and limitless ways to appreciate and be appreciated and look forward to the expected and unexpected good in our lives.

I believe the greatest gift God gives us is our ability to choose. There are many ways to get high – but perhaps the greatest of all is getting high on life and our achievements.

Ask God to guide your every step. God will always be there for you. Just ask and if all else fails, just have a big slice of apple pie and a huge scoop of ice cream.

Patricia Faieta
La Crescenta

Way to Go, Prom Plus
Friday, June 1 was Prom Plus. Kudos to the Prom Plus officers for another wonderful, safe, after prom event.

This year’s event was different for several reasons. First, it’s usually held on a Saturday and second, this year the founders of the Prom Plus Club, Aimee Yeghiayan and Molly Shelton, along with most of their officers, were attendees.

So, with a much shorter timeframe to decorate and setup the YMCA, “Prom Plus – The Next Generation” stepped up with their notes and maps to get the job done. Without having ever been to or seen the Prom Plus setup before, they did an incredible job of turning the YMCA into a beautifully decorated party with a Cirque du Soleil theme. They worked very hard, all night long, from 4 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m.  Saturday.

It also could not have happened without adult volunteers and this year a Starbucks crew helped staff the kitchen and the CVDAPC ran the prize room. We came up a few volunteers short in the casino so those operating the games worked overtime. The sheriff’s volunteers have sore feet as they walked all night long around and through the entire YMCA. Our La Crescenta librarian Marta Wiggins helped set-up the kitchen and then returned the next morning to clean up.

At the end of the event, as we were all running on empty, a wonderful thing happened. At 0500, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Fire Safe Council and Town Council came to the rescue with a dozen fresh and strong volunteers. I think the VFW, American Legion, and others got us cleaned up in record time before the YMCA opened at 7 a.m. Saturday.

This event was only possible because of the many volunteers in this community, both students and adults. Special thanks to the YMCA for providing the perfect venue for a zip line, mechanical bull, rock climbing wall, gyroscope, bungee run, games, etc.

Only the Crescenta Valley could put on this type of event because they are the community cares, “saving lives one prom at a time.”

If you are interested in being a part of this very special event next year, please contact Bob Fletcher at fletchfam4@gmail.com.

Cheryl Davis
La Crescenta
Editor’s note: Cheryl Davis is the president of CVDOGS and the
CV Town Council.