Need A Vacation From My Vacation

It is rare that I am able to get away for more than a few days at a time. I tend to take on too much and overbook myself between my busy work, home and community schedules. When I do hit the road, I make sure all the balls I have thrown into the air have landed safely where they are supposed to. That means I am never far from my laptop and checking on details while having fun. That doesn’t make me a controlling person, just a responsible one who only wants things to run smoothly while away. Knowing that all is well also provides me with the peace of mind to let go.

I am learning to relax a bit more, though. I recently booked a family vacation, a repeat of one we took 14 years ago. We flew to the island of Oahu, stayed a day, then boarded Norwegian’s Pride of America and sailed around the rest of the Hawaiian islands. We have been to Hawaii many times and traveling by ship affords a certain perspective and flexibility. We didn’t have to pack and unpack or lose a day at the airport due to flying between the islands. We could stay on the ship and relax by the pool with a tropical drink in hand or rent a car for the day and go exploring. Of course, there are many shore excursions offered by the cruise line but we like to see how the day unfolds on our own, just us.

This trip we adventured on Maui and Kauai by car and enjoyed beautiful beaches, refreshing snorkeling, canyon overlooks, an impromptu storytelling by a native Hawaiian and amazing sunsets. There were colorful chickens everywhere and we were in awe of the couple of sea turtles we saw. On the ship, we delighted in the array of food choices and activities to participate in, if we wished. Our daughter Delaney took a hula class during the week and performed with her classmates on the last day to receive her certificate of completion. She looked so graceful and sweet ­– the best dancer in our opinion. After that, we were treated to a tour of the Napali Coast as the sun was setting and humpback whales were blowing water to the sky and breaching. What a thrill!

The next day, we disembarked the ship and headed to Waikiki Beach where we swam, snorkeled and had a nice dinner before the early flight in the morning. It was a busy week but we came home tanned and refreshed. I had allowed myself to disconnect from electronics by not paying for the “internet package” and was proud that I only checked my emails twice while in port. I say that’s progress.

Of course, when we returned all my obligations came flooding back and I spent the week trying to play catch up. At week’s end, though, I had things relatively in order. On Saturday, I was happy to be out in the community again at the Hometown Country Fair. I staffed the Crescenta Valley Community Association booth with fellow volunteer members and shared information about development projects in our area that are of concern. It was great to see neighbors and community groups like the CV Town Council, Friends of Rockhaven and the Historical Society of Crescenta Valley. There are so many people out there doing good in our valley including the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce that, with their sponsors, plan and run the fair each year. Thanks so much for all your hard work, everyone.

I will leave you with these thoughts: Take time for yourself and with your family; be a positive voice for your community; and “May the 4th be with you.”

Susan Bolan

Susan Bolan