Found the Parrots Interesting

Many thanks to Mike Lawler for his column on “The Parrots of Crescenta Valley” [Treasures of the Valley, April 7]. On a morning walk recently I spotted a pair flying from tree to tree just above Santa Carlotta. They were active, communicative, loud – and fascinating to me, piquing my interest in their local history and habits.

His column answered all my questions and then some. And I loved the Facebook/texting analogy in regards to their constant check-in squawking. Although my mind couldn’t help

but go to tweets…

Tina Ferraro

La Crescenta

Chastises Citizens

All in the community of Glendale should hold their head in shame for not voting [on] April 5.  John Drayman – the man who has spoken for the needs here in La Crescenta – has been unseated [because] of those of you too lazy and ignorant to vote.

Selina and Arden Daniels

La Crescenta

Chem Trail Concern

I read an article last month in the Crescenta Valley Weekly regarding the Chemical Trails that interlace our skies. I have been watching the same criss-crossing of chemicals from jets that were described in the letter to the editor in March.

I am actually very upset that some people think they have the right to spray something in our air that is harmful to the human body that we the people are forced to breath and is also damaging to our environment without our consent. Where are the FDA, CDC and EPA? They are supposed to be protecting the public and the environment from this type of assault or at the very least they should investigate and demand testing to make sure that it is safe before something like this is allowed.

As far as I know this would be an illegal activity and would have to be voted on through some sort of legislation to be allowed after proper testing is done to ensure the safety of the public.

What can we the people do about this? Let’s call our government officials. After all we all breathe the same air!

Kathleen Miller