Robin Goldsworthy: From the Desk of the Publisher

As most – but apparently not all – of you are aware, the Crescenta Valley Weekly is being delivered only to the homes of our subscribers effective March 25. Does this mean that the paper is no longer available to non-subscribers? Of course not! Whereas since September the paper was being dropped in the driveways of the majority of Crescenta Valley residents, now thousands of papers blanket the Crescenta Valley area at large.

For those who want and are financially able to support this paper by paying a dollar a week to subscribe, you are (with some snafus) still finding the paper in your driveway on Thursdays. However, for those who are not having the paper delivered, but still want to find out what’s happening in the valley, the Crescenta Valley Weekly can be found throughout the area at coffee houses, grocery stores, pharmacies, chambers of commerce, etc. And believe it or not, we’re now hearing from folks who are enjoying this publication who were unaware of its existence before.

Our goal was to acquaint our residents first and foremost with the paper, then expand our reach to those who either don’t live in our distribution area or perhaps didn’t take the time to check out the nifty newspaper that arrived each week in their driveway.

You may be sitting there, reading this, asking a couple of questions. Perhaps this is “old news” – you saw the big, blue starburst that we had planted on the front page of the paper throughout March announcing the change in distribution and want to know why I’m revisiting this topic. After all, hadn’t I already explained this before? The reason is that there is some confusion on the part of some of our readers who want to know why they no longer receive this paper in their driveway anymore. I wanted to take the opportunity to not only explain the change, but extend an invitation again to subscribe. What do you get for a buck a week? Home delivery on Thursdays, limited free classified advertising and the knowledge that you are supporting a privately owned, privately funded newspaper that focuses only on the foothill communities. To be clear, there is no outside funding for this venture and without the advertiser and subscriber support of the community, this paper could fade away as have so many others in the past.

There seemed to be some confusion about the issue and I just want to clarify.

So, I encourage you to go online to and click on the Subscribe tab to pay via PayPal, call our office at (818) 248-2740 or go to page 16 and fill out the subscription form and either mail or drop off to our office at 3800 La Crescenta Ave. #101; La Crescenta, CA 91214. And if by chance you subscribe and don’t get the paper, call us. We value our subscribers and will get in our car and drive a paper to you.

As always: thank you for your support.

The recent earthquakes in the area known as the Pacific Ring of Fire, which includes Indonesia, Mexico, Chile and Haiti, have prompted many to revisit their own earthquake preparedness. Just yesterday morning on KFWB, one of the reporters brought in their preparedness kit to go over its contents on the air.

After attending CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training, I too have a backpack of emergency supplies that I carry in the trunk of my car. The contents are varied and include everything from extra shoes and socks to rudimentary medical supplies such as bandages and disinfectant.

The next CERT training is in May and I encourage you to contact CERT head coordinator Paul Dutton at (818) 249-8378 to sign up.