Letters to the Editor

As expected Rep. David Dreier voted the chicken vote with the rest of the whiny corporate puppets against health care reform.
The “I’m-going-to-hold-my-breath-’til-I-get-my-way” tactic didn’t work but they still can’t behave like gracious losers. It is perplexing why the Republicans stuck to the lie that “no one wants this bill.” Millions of upstanding, tax paying, patriotic American citizens worked very passionately for this bill. Or they at least read the facts about it. This includes folks like me who live in Dreier’s district. We should remember his vote in November. I know I will.
I’ve also just received the annual National Environmental Scorecard from the League of Conservation Voters. Dreier got a grade of zero. Remember all his nice, green flowery campaign pamphlets during his last election bid which talked of green jobs? All lies! He did nothing. He didn’t vote for any environmental or green job bills.
He should be removed from office.
Tim Jones
La Crescenta

We had a delightful lunch Saturday at the Garden Grill on the corner of Ocean View and Foothill. It must be a secret, because we were the only ones on their beautiful patio, complete with the  pleasant collection of chirping and singing birds and  a bubbling water fountain.
We have no association with the owners, but were so pleased with the clean, pleasant surroundings and the wonderful chicken and beef kabobs, herb rice, baked tomatoes, and green peppers (at an attractive price, too) that we felt compelled to share our findings with others.
Chuck and Diane DeVore
La Crescenta

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