A Weaver Legacy


Councilman Weaver never takes responsibility for his poor judgment on the council dais. [He] approved approximately 4,000 new apartments and condos, which will generate more trash and will reduce the life of the city’s only landfill in Glenoaks Canyon. [He] approved every electric and water rate increase.

In 1997, when Mr. Weaver was elected, GWP had over $255 million and, through money transfers, today less than $40 million.

Councilman Weaver [told] legal scholar professor Harry Zavos if he does not like the GWP money transfers he should sue the city. Later, Glendale Coalition For Better Government sued the city for the illegal transfer of GWP funds.

Mr. Weaver, 18 years ago, approved the initial pension formula change for safety personnel (fire and police) from 75% of employees’ last year’s salary to 90% of their last year’s salary for life and, after 30 years of service, they can retire at age 50. Previous age was 55. A 15% increase in benefits was given with five fewer years needed for full benefits to include retroactive retirees.

At a Rossmoyne candidate forum, Weaver said 80% of the General Fund pays for fire and police salaries and benefits. However, in 1997 when he took office it was less than 33%. (Transparentcalifornia.Com).

In 1997, when Mr. Weaver became a councilman, we had over $600 million in reserves (like having a personal savings account to be used in case of emergencies). Today, reserves are less than $57 million. Today, unfunded pension liabilities are $1.4 billion and growing. Yearly budgets are balanced by borrowing against our children’s future in the way of $1.4 billion bond debt.

Councilman Weaver voted against term limits… it’s time to end his term!

Mike Mohill