Money vs. People

On Feb. 23, I attended the Glendale City Council meeting on the discussion of what to do with the Rockhaven property: money vs. people. Money wins again.

With apparent consideration for only two plans of a business entity purchasing the beautiful property, the plea by the president of Friends of Rockhaven to the members of the City Council to consider the good for their constituents and not sell out to business interests was basically ignored. A park would not be financially profitable. The land would only be useful as business and income. More income, less green space for pleasure. But the vacant portion of the property is already considered sold to a developer for housing.

With what appears to be dollar signs where hearts should be, the members of the council did not refer to the information of one speaker who listed the large sums of money due to come into the coffers of Glendale plus the tax income from businesses in the area, which money is expected to be reinvested in the area, and a portion of which could be used to support a lovely small park for the benefit of the residents of Glendale. I believe that the voters, when they elected the members of the council, expected that their life style would be the primary concern in the hearts and minds of the people they elected to represent them. The city belongs to the people, but it appears that the people’s interests have come in second to the business and income interests of the members of our City Council.

But maybe not. There may still be a chance that they will see the big picture of the city, which is to support the quality of life for their constituents. Let’s hope that they will consider their duty to support and improve a pleasant lifestyle for their constituents, that their hearts will rule over the dollar signs and they will gift a lovely park to the people they represent.

One constituent hopes for the future of the residents of Glendale.

Marian Westerholm
La Crescenta