Fond Farewell

Now that elections are over, we have another “newsworthy event” canceling all group activities. So, not being able to do this in person, I am writing this letter to thank the community at large for all of the wonderful support given to me through my volunteer activities.

On March 30, I will be moving to St. Cloud, Florida to be closer to my daughter as I reach “that age.” It’s only 25 miles south of Walt Disney World so if you are in the area, give me a call.

And because of all of the charity events being canceled (the last time this happened was 9/11), I encourage you to forgo buying that extra package of toilet paper, which will sit on your shelf, and send the money instead to you favorite charity. There are many in this community struggling now to serve our vulnerable populations. And don’t forget the arts organizations such as the Alex Theatre!

It has been my greatest pleasure to meet, and work, with many of you through the years.

All the best!

Camille Levee