Disappointed at NIMBY Attitude


Regarding plans to build condos where The Mix cocktail lounge was [2600 block of Honolulu Avenue] some of my neighbors sound like the group resisting housing development where the Verdugo Hills Golf Course is. There is a housing shortage in California. Supply and demand mean property is more valuable. I find this NIMBY attitude towards someone’s use of private property disturbing. Wealth is not a bad thing, but envy is.

Housing development brings jobs, commerce and industry to a community. Those are good things. The Mix property could be another assisted living facility or an opportunity for a young family to find their American dream. Who are we to live in this community and say no one else can?

By the way, another apartment complex is being built on Montrose Avenue near Rincon. Any objections?

Michael Powers

La Crescenta




Responds to Comment Invitation


It was noted that GUSD residents voted in April 2015 against carving our school district into sectors because the community wanted and voted to retain at-large voting [‘GUSD Invites Public Comment,’ News, March 10].

Unfortunately, the zeal of attorney Kevin Shenkman – note, of Malibu – forced Glendale and the school district into “trustee area” voting due to a flaw in the wording of the CA Voting Rights Act. Mr. Shenkman has made more than a few dollars with this type of endeavor elsewhere and will now, no doubt, move on to the next large deep-pocket California city in order to keep his own pockets nicely lined! In addition, Glendale taxpayer dollars will now foot the expense of hiring a demographer, interpreters and the overtime work of school district employees as they must draft plans for the new maps and hold meetings.

Overall, the Glendale Unified school board has operated for the good of all the students in our district for the last 50 years and there is no indication that they plan to proceed differently. But now I will be deprived of the opportunity to vote for a possible and better qualified board member simply because he or she does not physically live in my defined area.

Louise Delaney

La Crescenta