Letters to the Editor

Appreciates Civil Response

I very much appreciated this [letter] [Stop the Hate by John Kretz, Jan. 6] and his response to a complaint. If everyone would judge our politicians by what they accomplish and not what is said we would be thriving as the greatest country in the world. The current state of our “government” is an embarrassment to rational people; I’m sure we are a laughing stock in many countries. Whether we like what Trump says or not, he is getting done what he said he would get done and that is more than we can say for the last several presidents.

Jay Clitheroe




Importance of Documenting Holocaust Stories

I am Adam Griffin, a student at CV High, and I really appreciated the “Stories of Surviving Evil” article [Feb. 13]. I think it’s awesome that you are documenting Holocaust survivors’ stories, seeing as the newer generations will not have the privilege to hear such accounts first hand. It would be cool to see more stories like this in the future so more people can be informed, not only the Holocaust but other important historical events.

Adam Griffin




Thoroughbred Racing – A Magnificent Sport

Thoroughbred horse racing is a magnificent sport when watching them run in all their splendor. It is heartwarming to see owners and jockeys kiss their horses and see the horses respond with joy. However, like any sport, accidents can happen. Unfortunately, due to the lack of knowledge of thoroughbreds, horse racing is being demonized by animal rights extremists misleading statements.

I have been a horse racing fan and attended races at Santa Anita Park for over 50 years. Back in the day, daily TV sportscasters would carry the feature race and radio stations, such as KNX, would carry the “top of the stretch” of all nine races. During those years, accidents also occurred but were, as they are today, a sad but small part of the sport. Thoroughbred horses have raced for centuries and they naturally run for their enjoyment and health. These horses are treated like family by their owners, trainers, groomsmen, jockeys, walkers and [others] who work with them seven days a week. These horses are a part of the family. Some of the grooms sleep with the horses and take care of them like their own children.

When I look back at the 2018-19 meet at Santa Anita, unfortunately the excessive rainy season we had was a large contributing factor to the racing accidents. This year, Santa Anita cancelled opening day due to rain. To assist with the safety of all horses not only have new regulations been implemented, including [adding] more veterinarians, but a new dirt track was installed as a precaution.

Making false statements and attempting to undermine the horse racing industry as animal rights extremists continually do is unconscionable. Check out PETA’s website; they don’t even support having cats or dogs as pets.

“We believe that it would have been in the animals’ best interests if the institution of ‘pet keeping’ – i.e., breeding animals to be kept and regarded as ‘pets’ – never existed.”

They are an extremist group with extreme ideas. Such groups should harness their energy and worry about climate change and the extinction of animals, especially the beloved Polar bears.

J. Disney

Temple City