Challenges and Opportunities for March 3 Elections

Our City has faced many of the same challenges for decades: traffic congestion, development, speeding, affordable housing, street repair, homelessness and spending, to name a few. These are not unique to Glendale. We keep asking for change. But we’ve been beating the same drum. You hear the complaints from neighbors, read it on [social media] discuss them at HOA meetings and so forth. Many past and current city council members have made good progress in these areas, and we applaud their efforts and leadership. To help combat these problems, we need someone who brings a fresh perspective, who will listen and learn from the community, who can collaborate with every council member and who is practical and smart.

What we need now is a no-nonsense, common sense approach to tackling our most pressing issues. What we need is Greg Astorian.

Greg has been a 43-year resident of our City. He has spent decades working from the ground up to become a successful, independent business owner. As such, he is a well-known community leader with Kiwanis, Salvation Army, chamber of commerce, planning commission, Verdugo Workforce Development board and Fire Foundation, to name a few.  Just as important, he has spent time listening to the community about our collective problems and he has practical solutions, including supporting law enforcement to stop speedsters, ensuring no additional speed bumps, guaranteeing that Measure S (sales tax initiative passed in 2018) funds get used correctly for our quality of life issues, stopping wasteful spending, such as ice skating rinks (that cost us nearly one half million dollars!), using a portion of Measure S funds to build housing for seniors, veterans and the disabled, building low-income ADUs (R4 Zones) at no cost to tax payers, protecting 8 million sq. ft. of hillside property from development, spearheading a strong, community coalition for preservation tax credits!

For these common sense solutions, Greg has been endorsed by over 100 Glendale residents. And, for the first time, our own police and fire have joined forces to endorse and chose Greg.

When you receive your ballot in the mail or vote at the new voting centers across LA County, join us in voting for Greg Astorian, No. 1 on the ballot. To learn more, visit www.GregAstorian.com.

Sharon Townsend, Nonprofit Executive

Ronald Gulli, Glendale Battalion Chief, Ret.

Nancy Sumner, Registered Nurse and US Air Force Colonel, Ret.

Cathy Sumner, Educator

Liza Boubari, Business Owner

Pat Crouch, Business Executive



Change of Mind – But Still Urging 91214 to Vote

Once in a while we are compelled to change our mind and change our position on a decision we have made. Such was the case for me and the reason I am writing this letter. 

In my previously published letter (Feb. 6), bemoaning the low voter turnout in the 91214 zip code, I stated: “I am not going to tell anyone who to vote for. However, I will tell anyone and everyone to vote.”

I have, since my original letter, reviewed all of the candidates running for election to various offices. I find that I must endorse Harry Leon for Glendale Community College Board of Trustees-District One.

Harry Leon stands out as the best. As a member of the Crescenta Valley Town Council, Harry was compassionate and passionate about the welfare of our community. If you had a problem you called Harry. He listened. He acted. He resolved it. He is most involved in La Crescenta being an active participant in most community events. Plus he is a worker, not just a talker.

I believe that Harry Leon is the most qualified candidate. Please vote for him.

And, once again, come on, 91214. Let’s get that 100% voter turnout!

Joe Kroening

La Crescenta



Urges Vote for Harry

A La Crescenta resident for over 30 years, I recently retired out of state. But I maintain deep roots here and remain a very interested observer in the goings-on in the La Crescenta community.

That is why I write in support of Harry Leon for Glendale Community College Board of Trustees, District 1. I have known Harry since he first became involved in local La Crescenta politics as a member of the Crescenta Valley Town Council.

From the beginning, he has exemplified the very best as a member of that important county advisory body; eventually becoming its president. Whether on the town council, or as a sheriff’s reserve deputy, this former Marine is always looking out for the interests of the greater La Crescenta community. I am proud to call him my friend.

For these reasons, I strongly support Harry Leon for Glendale Community College Board of Trustees, and I ask all of the voters to do likewise.

Michael L. Claessens, former member (and vice president) of the Crescenta Valley Town Council and former director of the Crescenta Valley Water District



Voting Considerations

As you cast your vote, please consider the following…

Measure FD deserves a resounding no vote. We’ve bombarded with fire department flyers printed at the taxpayers’ expense. Passing of this measure will allow for a never-ending tax. Disguised as “informational” only, these are clearly campaign flyers. It is illegal to fund campaign materials with taxpayer dollars; that is reason enough for a “No” vote. Beyond those, the fire department has never presented facts supporting their need for extra funding. They claim emergency medical calls have outpaced their ability to handle them although, in a recent 24- hour period, our local paramedic squad responded to only about four calls – not exactly a bone-crushing call load. Lastly, dozens of county fire personnel are paid close to and over one- half-million dollars yearly – including salary and benefits. A financially struggling fire department? I don’t think so! Vote “No” on Measure FD.

Incumbent Jackie Lacey deserves our vote for district attorney. Not only a proven qualified leader, her cases are tried in courtroom, opposed to in the media. In alarming contrast her contender George Gascon stated his goals include protecting criminals from prosecution. He is the author/supporter of Propositions 47 and 57, which opened the prison doors – an odd position for the county’s chief law enforcement officer. As former DA in San Francisco, both the mayor and city attorney agreed Gascon was a disaster. Rachel Rossi, the third contender, is a career public defender and boasts that she intends to prosecute fewer crimes, another odd position for the chief county prosecutor. Vote for Jackie Lacey.

Katherine Barger is the incumbent county supervisor for the 5th districtand advocate for the Crescenta Valley. From championing the La Crescenta Library to supporting the town council, she has been incredibly involved in our community. She also brings sanity to the County Board of Supervisors and sometimes seems like the only adult in the room. If any politician deserves our vote, it is Supervisor Katherine Barger.

California’s present one-party progressive government has brought us ever-increasing homelessness (despite throwing millions of taxpayer dollars at the problem), the bullet train that won’t die, ever-increasing crime and drug problems, failing schools over one thousand new frivolous laws and ever-increasing taxes. I urge all of us to put aside our political party preferences and differences and judge the measures and candidates by what they can do to help make our society better.

Douglas Kilpatrick

La Crescenta