So, according to a February 9 CV Weekly article, the GPD Substation in Montrose is closing. Why? Because the new owners of the building raised the rent to a higher than market rate and refused to negotiate a reduced price. Welcome to the new and improved Montrose. That station was opened in 1996 in partnership with the GPD and the Montrose Shopping Park Association. Its purpose was simply to maintain a presence in the area and to prevent crime. That station has been successful in doing just that. In a heavily commercial area like Montrose there has been little serious crime that I can remember. In April 1997, I volunteered a month’s rent to keep that station open and still have the wall plaque from the GPD in thanks. I would do it again if necessary. We have a neighborhood area that is safe for our families, to have a meal, to have events like the Xmas Parade, Octoberfest, etc. or just to stroll with a cup of coffee. We need to keep it that way and need the cooperation of ALL the merchants in Montrose. If that merchant will not cut the GPD a price break, some other business needs to do that and both businesses need to be well publicized.

Larry Van Avery