Letters to the Editor

Thumbs Down on Jordan Henry

In 2022, Glendale voters resoundingly said no to far-right extremist Jordan Henry’s bid for the city council. Now Henry ­– who has attacked our award-winning public schools for nearly three years – is seeking the Area A seat on the Glendale Unified School Board in the March 5 election.

Henry tries to portray himself as just another well-meaning dad, but in his own videos, Henry has said, “the real enemy is the schools.”

He has distinguished himself by playing a leading role in the vitriolic anti-LGBTQ rallies of recent months. At school board meetings, Henry has launched vicious verbal attacks against public servants, including those who would be his board colleagues if he were to win.

Henry plays the bespectacled, mild-mannered citizen who’s bemused by his adversaries’ hatred of him – but don’t be fooled. In the age of social media and far-right propaganda machines, he pretends to be a legitimate political player. Let’s not make that mistake here in Glendale with a man who would do so much harm to our kids as a member of the school board.

Telly Tse is the most qualified candidate in this race. A lifelong educator, he has taught high school special education for the past 20 years. Tse will be a tireless advocate for students, teachers and parents.

Last election, nearly 60% of voters sat out the school board race. You have all the information you need, and the ballot is in your hands. Please participate and protect our public schools.

Charles Davidson
La Crescenta


Not a Swastika

Ms. Goldsworthy wrote that I attended a school board meeting holding a swastika. My answer: Even if true, so what? The prosecuting attorneys at the Nuremberg Trials held up books with swastikas on them. They did so to condemn Nazism not condone Nazism.

I had an image of four transgender flags arranged in the shape of a fan. The point I was going to make – if the board had given me the five minutes they promised – was that transgender ideology and Nazism share a number of similarities. For example: both have a false theory of biology. Nazism falsely holds there is a biologically superior race. Transgenderism falsely holds that individuals can change their biological gender.

Both Nazism and transgender ideology seek to silence their opponents by any means necessary – including violence. What I “held up” was not in support of Nazism – it was to condemn Nazism and transgender ideology.

Sign me A Gay American who knows that you can’t trans the gay away.

Ray Shelton