Urges ‘No’ on Prop 13

Fellow Americans, I write in opposition to Proposition 13 – not the Proposition 13 that was passed in 1978 thanks to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – but the Proposition 13 that is present on the ballot in the upcoming election on March 3. The Proposition 13 on the upcoming ballot is yet another state measure that will raise our taxes.

The Proposition will authorize bonds for construction and repairs of public schools, community colleges and universities. According to the official ballot designation, this will be done through “Increased state costs to repay bonds estimated at around $740 million per year (including interest) over the next 35 years.”

Americans living in California have enough taxes to worry about. Our tax burden is too heavy to deal with. We have income taxes and gas taxes that are so high that hundreds of thousands of Californians are leaving the state and moving to states with lower costs of living in order to be able to feed their families.

According to Phillip Reese at the Sacramento Bee, “About 5 million Californians left between 2004 and 2013.” So many people have left our once Golden State that California is set to lose a congressional seat following the 2020 census.

Thus, I call on all my fellow community members: Please vote no on the upcoming Prop 13 that you will find on your primary election ballot. We are being taxed enough as it is.

David Ter-Petrosyan

David Ter-Petrosyan is a founding member of the Armenian Republican Association



It is important that we exercise our right and privilege to vote while taking into consideration the knowledge, and background, of the people we elect. I retired in 2015 from Glendale Community College after 38 years as a faculty member and dean of Student Services. I know, first hand, the importance of electing a person who understands that the role of the trustee is to develop policies … policies that assure the academic quality, integrity and effectiveness of the student learning programs and services and ensure the financial stability of the college

I believe that Desiree Portillo Rabinov is that person. Desiree has a proven track record of serving our community having served on the Crescenta Valley Town Council for five years and [its] treasurer for three years. In her private life she has nearly 30 years at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority managing the Transit-Oriented Planning Grant Program and overseeing a $25 million budget for cities to develop transit-supportive regulatory documents. In this capacity, she has developed program guidelines, policies for grant development and countywide implementation. We want and need to elect a person with a proven history. 

She has the endorsements from the Glendale Teachers Association and the Glendale College Guild, State Senator Portantino, Assemblymember Laura Friedman, former GCC Trustee Anita Quinonez Gabrielian, Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Crescenta Valley Town Council members Daniel Kim, Jo Ann Stupakis, Carin Hoffman, Donna Libra and Ruben Gonzalez. 

In 2017 the method of electing board members for the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees changed from an at-large method to a by-area election.  This year those living in areas 1 and 5 will have the opportunity to elect two new trustees to the board. Area 1 is primarily comprised of those living above the 210 Freeway in North Glendale, La Cañada (Sagebrush area) and La Crescenta.

Vote and make your vote count for education. Vote Desiree Portillo Rabinov for the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees – Area 1.

Jeanette Stirdivant,
community member

Retired GCC faculty member