Shining moments in Mayberry

From the desk of the publisher Robin Goldsworthy

I hope you have heard about the amazing playing by the CVHS varsity boys basketball team last Thursday night at the high school. It was the last game of league play against cross town rival Arcadia. Arcadia had lost the previous contest between the two and wanted vengeance. It looked like they were going to get it, too. With :07 on the clock at the end of the fourth, they sunk a two bringing the score to 68 to CV’s 66. Though not CV’s major opponent – that distinction goes to Pasadena – Arcadia still pours it on.

But Cole Currie was not in the mood to slunk out of his own house, and with virtually no time on the clock shot a three ending the game 69-68. To say that pandemonium erupted would be an understatement.

It was also Senior Recognition Night when the outgoing senior players are honored. Our son was one of those recognized, so it was an emotionally full night.

To see the evening unfold, visit and click on the Athletics/Boys Basketball tab. There’s a link midway down that will take you to a YouTube video. It was a fantastic evening. We’re also posting photos of the night on our website under Photo Gallery.

They played a good season that unfortunately ended Wednesday night.

For all the splendor, however, for me it was overshadowed by one of my dogs escaping from our yard.

Earlier in the day we had our trees trimmed and unfortunately the trimmers left the side gate unlatched. We have three dogs and initially all three got out. When we left for the game at 6:15, Bear had returned which is interesting because he’s usually the “party dog” always looking for a good time. When we returned home around 9:15, Kona was home. One of our kind neighbors probably saw him running around and brought him home.

But my Whiskey, the old man of the group, didn’t make it home.

Whiskey didn’t even have his tags on since he generally doesn’t go anywhere without me. But no Whiskey Thursday night, Friday or Saturday. I got the bright idea of posting on Facebook that he was missing and on Sunday my friend Amanda said that she saw a poster of what looked like Whiskey posted at Ralphs. I hurried over there and sure enough there was a full color flyer of the wayward pup.

The couple who had him lived a couple blocks down and east and couldn’t have been kinder. I told our new office manager JoAnn that we live in Mayberry and it couldn’t have been more true this past weekend.

I snapped Whiskey’s collar on him as soon as he was home and it’s a good thing I did. One of the kids left the side gate unlatched Tuesday and he got out – again. A shout out to Jennifer over on Seapine who called to say that she had the little runaway.

Thanks to all who helped out.


While Whiskey was living it up over on Harmony, on Friday night I had the chance to put on my dancing shoes and head over to the Glendale Hilton to celebrate the Glendale Education Foundation’s Dancing with Diamonds event. Along with my handsome husband and dynamic sales gals and their husbands, we were joined by Paul and Lisa Dutton and Chris and Lena Waldheim. It really was a Who’s Who of the Glendale area. Celebrated were distinguished graduates of Glendale schools. They were Grammy winning record producer Harvey Mason Jr of Crescenta Valley High School, 1986; Nobel prize winner in medicine Dr. Leland H. Hartwell of Glendale High School, 1957; Glendale High School principal and long time advocate of children with disabilities and special needs Dr. Deb Rinder of Glendale High School, 1982; Colonel USA (Retired) Paul A. Raggio of Hoover High School,1973; Glendale Police Officer and founding member of Crescenta Valley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition Matt Zakarian of Crescenta Valley High School, 1979; and 20-year-old college graduate attending Dartmouth Medical School Nadia El-Fakih of Clark Magnet High School, 2006.

Congratulations to a group that makes the Glendale School District proud.