Letters to the Editor

Likes the E-blasts

I am writing to you to tell you that I think your e-blasts are very cool.  My family has been getting your blast since you first began. They are an awesome way to let people quickly know what is going on in the community.

During the Station Fire this was really the only way my family found out about what was happening. My mom got updates all the time on her Blackberry when we were evacuated to my grandparents’ house. We knew what was going on with the fire and what plans the fire department and forestry service were making. My mom was able to forward this to our neighbors that were evacuated so they knew what was going on and to my dad who was still at our home keeping it safe.

The blasts let us know what is going on in La Crescenta when we are on vacation. It is also cool because it helps you. The other day, my mom was able to not get stuck in traffic on her way home because you sent out a blast to let people know there was a big accident near Ocean View and traffic was a mess. The blasts also tell us when banks have been robbed, people have been hurt, and when the police are looking for suspects. The blasts also keep us informed about good things that happen in our community for example, fundraisers, tree saving rallies, and local school events.

Your e-blast is a great way to spread news quickly. You all do an amazing job.

Thank you very much.

Andrew Traber

La Crescenta

Boy Scout Troop 390

Measure S Gets His Support

I was pleased to see that after careful consideration, the Crescenta Valley Weekly has officially endorsed Measure S on the April 5 ballot [From the Publisher’s Desk, Feb. 10]. As you pointed out, this bond issue will provide local funding for many essential programs and facilities for our schools in the Glendale Unified School District. As the parent of a child in the district, I recognize how important it is to find ways to fund our local schools during these difficult economic times. As a homeowner in La Crescenta, I appreciate the fact that the proponents of Measure S have found a way to do so without raising the property tax rate that we have been paying since Measure K passed in 1997. Additional funding for our schools and no new taxes sounds like a good deal to me.

As I have been discussing this issue with people in our community, I am finding a high level of support for Measure S among my friends and neighbors, some of who are teachers in the Glendale Unified School District. So, I was disappointed to learn that the leadership of the Glendale Teachers Association has decided to oppose Measure S. I grew up in a union household; my father retired as a lifetime member of the Machinists and Aerospace Workers union so I know how important union representation is to workers and their families. But I also know that the rank and file is not always well served by their leadership.

Please join me in supporting Measure S on April 5, 2011. Since 55% of the vote is required to pass this measure, it is vital that we vote and encourage others to do the same.

Patrick McDonald

La Crescenta

A Proud Part of LCWC

It was with great delight to see the La Crescenta Woman’s Club on the front page to celebrate their 100th birthday [Not Looking A Day Over 99, Feb. 10]. We always appreciate your great neighborhood paper and knowing what is happening around town.

The Woman’s Club was established some 100 years ago to support our community. Back then, we were only La Crescenta but now we are actually located in Glendale for all of our communities are really one. We support Hoby at Verdugo Hills High School and scholarships at Glendale Community College besides supporting all of our GUSD schools.

It’s hard to believe what a few dedicated women have done over the years from starting the first library to being the Red Cross center for the ‘34 flood disaster. The list is so impressive from the past and continues today.

We annually support Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, Ahead with Horses, Glendale Assn. of Retarded, Prom Plus, Cancer Relay for Life, Glendale Cops for Kids and the Sheriff’s Christmas Food and Toy Drive plus Montrose Search and Rescue. From Friends of the La Crescenta Library to $2500 in scholarships to local students, the list goes on and on. One time gifts to CC YMCA, Katrina Dream Center, Desi Geestman, St James/Holy Redeemer, backpacks for children in Africa, cancer and heart funds, troops overseas from a banner on Foothill to stuffing stockings and a great effort for Santa for Seniors to our convalescent homes.

We recycle everything from wine bottles to Christmas cards, postage stamps, coupons and art supplies. Whenever one of us hears of a good cause, we all support that cause as best we can. Our philanthropies are supported by renting our clubhouse and our fundraisers such as our 100th Fashion Show on March 26. The public is invited. Call (818) 957-9506, our clubhouse for someone to contact you or look up La Crescenta Woman’s club on the web. lacrescentawomansclub.webs.com or Facebook.

We would love to have you join us for our next 100 years of having fun while giving to our community.

Danette Erickson

La Crescenta

Hiking Trails are Needed

I heartily agree with Mike Lawler’s column [Viewpoints, Jan. 27] lamenting the absence of hiking trails along the mountain slopes above our fair valley. I was a budding teenager in 1942 when my family settled on what was once called West Grenada Avenue just a few blocks above Montrose. From the onset, I was captivated by the lofty San Gabriel Range above our semi-rural community. They beckoned my adventurous soul. Unfortunately, like today, there were no gateways, signs, or maintained trails to welcome the would-be trekker. After some searching, I did find a razor-back ridge near the top of Ocean View Avenue that led to a fire road, which in turn, winded its way along picturesque canyons to the northern slope.

Over the years I discovered portions of old trails in disrepair and wondered where they once terminated. During these years of solo climbing, I felt like a trespasser, able to explore only by stealth. I remember having to climb a chain-link fence at the top of Canyonside Road in order to gain access to a seldom-used path and arduous climb to the flat summit of Mt. Lukens. The inhospitable fence still stands as an obstacle to so-called interlopers.

In the late 1970s, my wife drove me and my two pre-teenage sons to a trail head off Big Tujunga Canyon for a four-mile hike up the north face of Mt. Lukens. After arriving at the top, we picked our way down the south slope to the outskirts of Pine Crest where we were required to scale a five-foot wall onto a private driveway leading to Pine Cone Avenue and thence to our home in lower La Crescenta. Once again, I felt like a trespasser.

Yes, indeed, it’s about time that we opened this pristine wilderness to present and future generations by rediscovering and rebuilding the paths of yesteryear. Of course, my hiking days are over unless I can find a suitable sedan chair and four muscular men to transport me.

It worked for Ben Franklin!

Art Cobery

Historian for the Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley

Cheers for Mom and Pop Businesses

Hooray for Mike Lawler’s tribute to CV Mom and Pop businesses [Viewpoints, Feb. 10]! It was heartwarming and enlightening for him to share insights into the motivations of a few of these businesses. Please, feature more of these insights. Love to know of them.

Honor Haase

La Crescenta

Enjoys Reminiscing

Bruce, in your two articles [Viewpoints, Feb. 3 and Feb. 10] you have been preaching to this choir of two. My wife was born to the Woodlands and my folks and I arrived in 1956 from Glendale. I went swimming at Indian Springs. My clothes were bought mostly at J.C Penney. Do you remember at JCP they had no cash registers on the main floor? The money was put in a carrier, a handle pulled and a carrier went up a wire to the open mezzanine where change was made and the carrier sent back down the wire.

You mentioned Woodall’s camera. What about Jim Fox’s camera on the north east part of Honolulu and Ocean View avenues? I bought my first SLR there in 1965 when we were home on leave. I did also buy a lot from Bill at Woodall’s until they closed.

I bought my first new car in 1962, a 1963 model from Ed Priester. No shopping around. I went straight there because they had a reputation for being fair.

Lots of changes and lots of memories. I do not like Glendale one bit. I wish the L.A. Sheriff still had Montrose. I live in the county portion of La Crescenta by choice. After I was released from active duty from the Army in 1966, my wife and I returned and lived in a North Glendale apartment until we could afford to buy a home. We moved here in 1969 and are still in the same house. I probably will be carried out of here. Otherwise I have no reason to leave unless the state legislature messes things up too bad.

Keep up the columns, they are great.

Tom Suter

La Crescenta

Appreciates LC Pharmacy

In a recent issue of CV Weekly you had an article re the closing of Cal Med Pharmacy after it was purchased by a major drug company. You mentioned that La Crescenta Pharmacy did not agree to being purchased to save the jobs of five employees. That was an admirable decision on K.B. Patel’s part.

We have been customers of La Crescenta Pharmacy for many years and appreciate the service we receive. If we have a question regarding medications we always feel confident with K.B’s answers.  We are very pleased to have a well established, and trusted, local pharmacy that has served the Crescenta Valley community for such a long period of time.

Arden and Selina Daniels

La Crescenta