Letters to the Editor

Equitable Funding for Private and Public Schools
[In the Jan. 20 issue], Assemblymember Friedman states that schools would benefit from $119 billion in funding under the governor’s budget proposal (Viewpoints, “2022 Budget Perspective”). She states that $20,855 per student [is designated]. That is for current public school students.

When will the state acknowledge that private schools also fulfill the necessary function of educating our future? They deserve a basic level of financial support. That parents chose schools that provide additional electives, whether religious, moral or cultural, should not exclude their hard-earned tax dollars from supporting their own children.

The separation of church and state was to protect citizens from government mandated religious edicts, not limit the people’s right to follow their beliefs.

Providing a basic funding of $10,000 per student in private settings would only reduce public school funding by $500 per student.

Lloyd Berriman

Dispirited’ After Eagle Canyon Meeting
Dispirited – that’s the feeling I’m left with after [Monday] night’s CV Town Council’s public forum on the proposed Eagle Canyon Wash Trail. Despite the Council receiving almost twice as many letters and petition signatures in support of the project than opposing it, and assurances from the local [sheriff’s station] that parks and trails like this have not historically been a source of crime in our area, the Council still voted to oppose any further development of the project. 

It was really sad to see the Council give in to fearful naysayers in the community and squash a project that would have significantly increased the size and reach of Two Strike Park (La Crescenta’s sole public park) by extending a footpath and green space south from the park along county-owned property to La Crescenta Avenue. It was really discouraging to watch decisions being made about the development of community infrastructure (like parks) be influenced more by the short-term interests of a few than the long-term benefit of the many. 

I’m also sad that there are some in our community that find parks and open spaces sources of fear and concern when in my experience they are more often sources of community-pride, cohesion and beauty.

Insert sigh here.

Frank Colcord
La Crescenta