Letters to the Editor

Warns Voters Not to be Fooled

For generations, Crescenta Valley’s GUSD schools have drawn families to grow roots in our community. We’re nationally distinguished not only for our academics, but also for ensuring students across all abilities are supported through their education.

My children join their neighbors walking to school and my pride for my community grows with every passing grade. This winter I watched my son marching in the holiday parade and my daughter honored in her morning flag ceremony. Alumni of all ages live on our block; some homes raising second and third generations of GUSD students.

One would understand my skepticism when opponents claim our school district is a ruse for Marxist indoctrination. It would be easy to dismiss this as social media trolling. Unfortunately, when a campaign depends on demonizing your neighbor, violence becomes a convenient ally.

Glendale PD had to lockdown the district office this summer and arrest their ilk. How can a candidate seek to serve our children, yet organize with out-of-towners to rough up their teachers and parents?

Our public schools need your help this March. I’m asking my neighbors not to be lured by fear of online activists with no stakes in our district. Help us keep our finite public education resources focused on giving our children every competitive advantage it affords, not diverted into political distractions.

Joshua Schpok
La Crescenta