Letters to the editor

Applauds Kilpatrick
Well said, Doug Kilpatrick, (Letters to the Editor, He’s “Gone Too Far,” Jan. 19). Jim Chase’s words do indeed “spread misinformation, foster intolerance, and spread hurt, and hatred.” Many Chase columns cry out for a little or a lot of correction or clarification, but the entertainment value is rarely worth that close a reading and the time and energy to respond.

Even misinformation, intolerance, and yes, hate, have a right to be heard, not that we have to listen. Brought into the light, such views can be exposed for what they are, as Kilpatrick has done very well.  But are Chase’s thoughts really the best that our delightfully diverse and friendly valley have to offer?

Roberta Medford

Seniors: The Best Kept Secret
The best-kept secret is that of ASTER (Assisting Seniors through Enhanced Resources). ASTER is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers that care about the needs of seniors in the foothill area. ASTER provides local meetings with knowledgeable speakers and information at no cost that allows seniors to make wise decisions and live meaningful lives. ASTER also provides discount cards that are honored at a few local businesses.

ASTER’s website at http://www.theaster.org offers a calendar of events for the current month. If you do not have a computer or very seldom turn it on, you can call ASTER at (818) 306-5224. ASTER teams with the YMCA, Glendale Adventist hospital and Verdugo Hills Hospital as well as many other organizations to provide extended benefits to local seniors.

Future meeting will include travel including day trips, living independently, learning how to deal with limitations. There will also be a great Christmas program.  So come help us grow by letting us know your needs and give us your wisdom.

Jack & Lupe Geer  (Local seniors)
La Crescenta

Blame The Messenger
The recent revelations about Barry Allen, the city’s main “watch dog,” have troubled many of his supporters. But what are more troubling are the enemies of Barry Allen.

Frank Abagnale, in the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” found redemption by helping the FBI in counterfeiting. Is Barry Allen a 21st century hero of redemption in local politics?

I became acquainted with Barry Allen about four years ago. I would ask him questions about government and he was always there to help and give advice. There wasn’t much that Barry did not know about the law, investigative reporting and politics in general.

However, on the city’s issues we could discuss pros and cons on different subjects. But he was always a stickler for evidence and documentation. He would say, “Don’t get your information from a newspaper article; do your own research and then draw your own conclusions.” At times, Barry would chastise me when I was wrong … which in the long run, hopefully, makes me a better public speaker and writer.

One day I asked Barry why he was trying to right the wrongs in government … Democrats or Republicans … he said very simply: “I just had a calling for it.”

Barry is a more religious Jew than I – perhaps his past troubles with the law made him more religious and he found redemption by helping others who might have gone astray?

[A recent] Tuesday night’s council meeting orchestrated vendettas against Allen were worthy of Academy Award nominations for all the players. The goal of the players was to discredit Allen and make their new heroes, council incumbents, look better for the April 2013 election. After all, Allen had all the evidence that might put their previous local hero, John Drayman, in prison someday. In the past Allen provided the evidence that landed Councilman Dave Weaver a $9,000 fine for campaign violations by the California Fair Political Practice Commission.  Additionally, Allen had recently been going after Najarian and Freidman for their questionable business interest. That evening, best acting award came from Councilman Ara Najarian, whose dramatic acting performance was definitely worthy of the “Oscar.”

Mike Mohill

Is Lawler Keeping A Secret?
In Mike Lawler’s Treasures of the Valley on Jan. 19, he states “both” the building’s owner and Starbucks are aware of the architectural gem they’re sitting on. And then states “they” declined to shoulder the expense of a restoration project.

Another line states, “The fake front will be pulled off in the Starbucks remodel and will be covered again.”

Have I missed an article that announces Starbucks is approved to open in the Montrose Shopping Park location?

Or does Mike Lawler know something we don’t?

Stephanie Johnson
La Crescenta