Sharing Goals and Updates

On behalf of the Crescenta Valley Town Council, I would like to wish the community a Happy Year and a great 2024!

The unincorporated portions of La Crescenta-Montrose fall under the purview of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. In our case, this is the 5th District and our supervisor is Kathryn Barger. Additionally, services we receive are provided directly by the County. This includes law enforcement, provided by the sheriff’s department, fire protection and medical response by Los Angeles County Fire, etc.

The Crescenta Valley Town Council serves to represent the community before the County supervisor as well as other County departments to ensure our interests are represented. The major issues we deal with include public safety, traffic and development. We are composed of 12 council members who volunteer their time to accomplish this.

As we move into the new year, there are several ongoing items the CVTC is engaged in and several we hope to take on.

Traffic safety remains a major concern in the community. This is a multi-faceted issue and the CVTC has convened the key parties involved (CHP, Sheriff’s Dept., GUSD, Public Works and the supervisor’s office). From this task force and from everyone’s contributions, we’ve achieved real results including a reduction in traffic collisions. Though this is encouraging, we look forward to working more on this issue. We also need everyone’s help. I would like to ask that community members slow down and be mindful of their driving habits. The life you save might be your own or that of your neighbor.

Development is also a major issue with which the CVTC deals. Our community has a very unique and special character. As such, protecting and maintaining this character is a top priority. The State of California has mandated several major changes in existing zoning rules. This includes allowing ADUs, waiving parking requirements and development standards, and increasing density in our neighborhoods. Through all of this – as possible – the CVTC strives to represent the community.

In addition to these ongoing issues, the CVTC will be focusing on a few new issues as well. Street/sidewalk vending has become very prevalent in the Crescenta Valley. The County has very little oversight at the present moment to ensure health regulations are followed, etc. There are also a variety of opinions among residents regarding this issue.

Crescenta Valley Park is a major facet of the community but remains largely inaccessible to those with disabilities. Members of the community have raised this concern. The CVTC received a preliminary report from the County outlining basic improvements that would help the park be utilized by everyone. The CVTC will follow this issue and explore options available.

The CVTC is proud to represent the community and looks forward to a very productive 2024.

Our next general meeting is on Jan. 18 at 7 p.m. at the La Crescenta Library, 2809 Foothill Blvd. We hope to see everyone there.

Chris Kilpatrick, President
CV Town Council