Letter to the Editor

Battling Armed Drug Dealers

I have been thinking about this for some time. When I read the Glendale PD blotter, it seems like the majority of arrests include convicted felons in possession of loaded firearms. Some of these end up with a zero bail release.

Many years ago, Arlington, Virginia had a big problem with armed drug dealers. To counteract the problem the local PD started turning the criminals over to the federal authorities. The reason that they did that was the feds prosecuted the criminals with weapons charges that had mostly 10-year sentences per charge. Possession of a firearm, charge one. Possession of a loaded firearm, charge two. Now there is 20 years right there. Also, the federal justice system does not have an easy parole system. Federal time is long.

The outcome was that very quickly the drug dealers stopped carrying firearms and shootings went way down. It would be nice if Los Angeles and surrounding counties followed Arlington but, with sanctuary cities and the likes of Gascón and other DAs like him, it will never happen.

Tom Suter
La Crescenta