Message Written Not Expected

Perhaps others started reading Mr. Kretz’s Dec. 26 letter “Stop the Hate” assuming it would go on to lambaste President Trump for so much divisiveness now in our nation. He even wrote, “Read the recent letter from Trump to Pelosi,” so of course we presumed he’s going to go on and scold Trump for his lies and viciousness. That’s what I see in Trump’s letter. Trump blames Pelosi for an unfair impeachment crusade (no, Trump, it’s not “unconstitutional”) while taking no responsibility for his own actions in this development. The letter is all accusations and outrage, still blaming the whistleblower, still yelling “perfect” about his call to Zelensky, still veering off to “Russian hoax,” Hillary Clinton, and denigrating the FBI.

But the letter writer sees none of this and repeats some of Trump’s boasts about the economy and trade deals. The line that most concerned me was, “Why impeach a President who has done so much good?” 

I’d say there are opposing views of what “good” Trump has accomplished but, even so, that is not how we hold our leaders accountable. Trump abused his power in how he dealt with Zelensky and he obstructed Congress in not allowing administration officials to testify. Those of us who love democracy find this very serious and concerning and believe it may warrant removal of this President from office. So I totally agree, “It’s time to stop the hate, focus on the truth, and restore tolerance and understanding.”

I just think this means recognizing that our current President is seriously deficient in these qualities.

Bonnie Finn

La Cañada