Stop the Hate

The politics of hate must come to an end for the good of the people and this republic.

All should read the recent letter from Trump to Pelosi. Go to whitehouse.gov, menu on the top left, select news and select briefings to the right. The full link is in the online version https://tinyurl.com/sqrymzs.

Historically, the last time political leaders and the media ganged up with hate rhetoric was against the Jews in the Nazi era. They spread lies and false data with the specific intent of defaming and destroying the Jewish population. Amazingly enough, through this concerted [dark] PR effort, they actually got the majority of the German people to agree to the murder of millions of Jews. Fortunately, this hate was eventually forcibly stopped (a vital lesson not to forget).

This is exactly what Schiff, Pelosi, hateful cohorts, and the major media are doing today: trying to destroy a president who has done tremendous good for this country through a similar [dark] PR campaign. For this despicable behavior they are in treason to the people and should be removed from office and replaced with people who care about the truth.

What you do not hear from Schiff, Pelosi, their hateful cohorts and the major media is that since Trump has been in office:

1.  Unemployment for blacks, Latinos, and women is the lowest in history

2.   The economy is booming

3.   The trade imbalance is being fixed

4.   The opioid crisis is being addressed

5.   Taxes are lower

6.   General income is higher

Why impeach a president who has done so much good? I do not agree with everything he has done. But, when you look at the complete picture, he has done the people and this republic a lot of good. It is time to stop the hate, focus on the truth, and to restore tolerance and understanding.

John Kretz