The Best, The Greatest, The Finest 2015

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September – a month that celebrates the anniversary of the launch of Crescenta Valley Weekly (our first issue hit driveways on Sept. 4, 2009) and also when we share with you the results of the thousands – yes, thousands! – of votes received from readers of the Crescenta Valley Weekly for The Finest.

When I started CV Weekly over six years ago I had no idea how popular our weekly newspaper would become, how vital to the community the information is that we share week after week. And little did I know how much our readers wanted to share who and what they thought the best services, people and places are – whether nearby or far away. That’s what The Finest is all about – giving a voice to our readers so they can spread the good news of those they feel are The Finest.

Each year we begin printing the ballots online and weekly in the Crescenta Valley Weekly for five or six weeks. Each year we tweak the categories that we offer to incorporate the suggestions from our readers.

This year we had to count over 11,000 votes – 11,000 – necessitating the hiring of four people dedicated just to that task.

Then the fun part began. Our sales crew went to the winners and let them know that they were selected above all the others as The Finest in their category. Many wanted to share their appreciation with our readers and you’ll find their notes in this book along with a full listing of all the winners.

I must admit that, though it might be tempting, no one at CV Weekly casts a ballot; the results you find on these pages are 100% reflective of those readers who took the time to submit a ballot. So read each page well – these are the people, businesses and services that your friends and neighbors think you should give a try.

And what would a celebration be without a party? To recognize the winners, Crescenta Valley is holding an exclusive party at Deukmejian Park (selected as the Finest Sunset View) to acknowledge and congratulate those who rose to the top. The lower picnic area will be transformed, courtesy of Bonners Equipment Rentals, into a festive site befitting of the occasion. The winners are our honored guests and we’re excited to celebrate their achievements.

So thank you to those who took the time to review the ballot and make their selections. Well done! We think you are pretty “fine” too!

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