Patrolling the Parks

By Mary O’KEEFE The old fashion cop on the beat has gone from the uniformed patrolman walking the neighborhoods to patrolling from helicopters. Recently the value of law enforcement knowing their community has been recognized with smaller units being assigned specific areas and officers getting to know the communities they protect. An example of that […]

New play equipment at two county parks

By Mary O’KEEFE Two Strike Park and Crescenta Valley Park are having a play equipment facelift. The play equipment is surrounded by fencing at present but that is scheduled to change by the end of the year, said Cheryl Davis, president of the Crescenta Valley Town Council. “At CV Park there will be two new […]

Veterans Day remembered at park

By Brandon HENSLEY One by one, they were given pieces of the American flag. Red stripes, white stripes, the blue field and the stars. Then, one by one, they laid their pieces on the fire, to show remembrance and gratitude. So was the scene last Thursday, as CV residents gathered at Two Strike Park for […]

Veterans Day – A time for honor

By Mary O’KEEFE “The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.” These words may be a distant memory from history class. Some may know that it pertains to World War I but not quite certain how it applies. But for the most part it is a statement lost on present society. Memorial […]

To do right and to do well

By Mary O’KEEFE A solemn and meaningful Memorial Day ceremony was held at Two Strike Park early Monday morning. The sidewalk was lined with American flags and posters reminding the crowd why it was there. It was called the Walk of Honor and was a new addition to the Two Strike Park ceremony. Names of […]

Commemorating Memorial Day

By Mary O’KEEFE This Monday is Memorial Day, a time to honor and remember military personnel who gave their life while serving their country. But it is more than just remembering those who sacrificed; it is a way to remember the history of the country because without those sacrifices our country would look much different. […]