Rain Brings Boulders onto Boulevard

By Mary O’KEEFE Once again Southern California will be dealing with rain. The first in the series of storms hit La Crescenta late Wednesday afternoon. The storm was predicted to bring a half an inch of rain with snow levels to 3,500 feet. There was little time to dry out before the next storm hits […]

Keep Your Umbrellas Handy

It looks like another rainy few days for the Crescenta Valley. This last bit of rain brought a little over an inch of rain but the big down pour is still to come. By Mary O’KEEFE Crescenta Valley residents woke to a damp Wednesday morning and were warned to keep their umbrellas nearby. “We will […]

The Year In Review: 2010

By Robin GOLDSWORTHY and Brandon HENSLEY The last issue of the year offers a chance to reflect on those events that impacted the Crescenta Valley. This was a year that provided plenty of opportunity to lend a hand – whether to our neighbors who suffered loss due to fire or to an iconic tree in […]

Soaked mountains stay in place

By Mary O’KEEFE Almost 24 hours after evacuation notices were issued, residents are officially allowed back in their homes, although only a few heeded the evacuation warning. Out of the 147 homes in La Cañada Flintridge and 85 homes in La Crescenta that were given evacuation notices only five families complied with the order to […]

More rain on the way

Another storm is making its way toward Crescenta Valley on Saturday. “Everything so far [this week] has been light,” said Bonnie Bartling, weather specialist at the National Weather Service. Rain drizzled through on Wednesday; Thursday is expected to be sunny. “We have another storm working its way into the Los Angeles area,” Bartling said.“This next […]

BREAKING NEWS: Evacuation notices begin

By Mary O’Keefe In anticipation of rain this weekend, residents living in identified flood danger zones in La Crescenta and La Cañada will be receiving phone calls and notices to evacuate beginning on Friday, Feb. 19 at noon. Deputies will be asking residents to be out of their homes by 4 p.m. “We will begin […]

Rain, rain – won’t it ever go away?

By Mary O’KEEFE It has been a wild and wet week for Crescenta Valley residents. Whether above or below Foothill Boulevard the result is the same – we are wet. The rain is expected to continue today, heavy at times. Mandatory evacuations are still in force in the areas affected by the Station Fire and […]

Sunny now–three storms on the way

By Mary O’Keefe Three major rain systems, each increasing in intensity are heading toward Southern California. The first storm is expected to hit Crescenta Valley late Sunday evening into Monday morning  dropping an estimated eight to 16 inches of rain. “Sixteen inches is the high range of what is [expected] in the foothills and mountain […]