Dr. Lucy explains it all

Treasures of the Valley » Mike lawler Like many of us who have lived in the Los Angeles area for many years, my family has permanently imprinted and associated the image and voice of Dr. Lucy Jones with disaster. She and her associate Dr. Kate Hutton have for the last 20-plus years been the first […]

Big noise from Winnetka

Treasures of the Valley –Mike Lawler This Saturday, March 13 at 1 p.m. there will be a free screening of John Newcombe’s latest film, “Winnetka Story,” the history of Chicago’s North Shore, at the La Crescenta Library.  John’s previous film, the award-winning “Rancho La Cañada”, is about the history of the Crescenta-Cañada Valley. I’d like […]

Treasures of the Valley

Historic stone barn is the valley’s latest gem in the making: –Mike Lawler Crescenta Valley residents have recently been favored with the choices that Glendale and L.A. County have made on our behalf. The city’s purchase of Rockhaven Sanitarium shows potential as an art-oriented community center. The new library just completed by the county is […]


MIKE LAWLER Stalled projects are a headache for both neighbor and builder A couple of months ago, I wrote about an unfinished housing project on Frances Avenue that had become a messy headache for that neighborhood. The property owners have since cleaned up the lot, including significant brush clearance, removing construction debris, and re-fencing the abandoned […]

Mud flow, debris flow…what’s the difference?

Mike Lawler I’ve found myself explaining to my “flatlander” friends the dramatic difference between a mud flow – which is what we mostly saw last weekend – and a debris flow, which caused the large-scale destruction of lives and property in 1934. I think most of us understand the ground we’ve built our homes on. […]

Oh well…goodbye, Indian Springs well!

I got a couple of calls last week from concerned locals about the disappearance of the little decorative well at the entrance to the Indian Springs Shopping Center on Verdugo Road, just east of Montrose. Man, I love that kind of vigilance! The first sign of a community in peril is the unchallenged demolition of […]

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