They’re Back!

And so it begins…kindergartners holding onto mom or dad’s hand really tight, ready to take that first big step into their first year of school. Little kids walking to their elementary schools, their backpack almost bigger then them. Sixth graders excited about the last year at elementary school, seventh graders nervous about locker combinations and […]

La Crescenta Elementary teams up with College View

By Misty DUPLESSIS La Crescenta Elementary School Principal Kim Bishop is always looking for ways to expand her students’ cultural experience. Early in the school year Bishop formed a union with College View principal Jay Schwartz to develop a program they hope to permanently adopt. College View is a special needs school serving children who […]

Heroes of La Crescenta Elementary

By Brandon HENSLEY They arrive in cars and buses, but aren’t they supposed to fly or swoop in on a hovercraft? Their attire consists of a highlighter-green vest and a red cap. What – no capes or cowls, or even a bold logo on the chest? And forget about having powers or fancy gadgets unless […]