Glendale City Clerk Swears in New Council Members; Friedman Named Mayor

By Ted AYALA Crowds swarmed and gathered en masse in the Glendale City Council’s (GCC) chamber on Monday night at 8 p.m. Lining the aisles were citizens and dignitaries alike, eager to celebrate the swearing-in of not only the victors from this month’s city council election, but also the inauguration of Laura Friedman as mayor […]

John Drayman Needs Your Vote

Don’t relax and think that our native son is a shoe-in for reelection. He’s on the ropes and desperately needs every vote he can muster. If you thought you’d just sit out this election, please make the effort to vote on Tuesday. This election will say much about the future of the Crescenta Valley. John […]

Council Drayman Counters Detractors in Glendale City Council Meeting

By Ted AYALA Affairs of municipal governance tend to be rather genteel affairs that tend to avoid the fire and rhetoric of politics at the state and federal levels. So it was a surprise to see the atmosphere grow tense and angry in the Glendale City Council chamber last Tuesday night in response to a […]

ADI is On Trial, Not John Drayman

There’s a witch-hunt on in Glendale with a small group of City Council gadflies and the Glendale News-Press hoping to lead an angry mob. Unfortunately, the man they’d like to burn at the stake is CV’s own John Drayman. It seems to be an American pastime to knock heroes off their pedestals, even when they […]

Montrose Arts and Crafts Festival this weekend

By Mary O’KEEFE This weekend shoppers and artists will meet on common ground along Honolulu Avenue in the Montrose Shopping Park as they have for the last 27 years. The Annual Montrose Arts and Crafts Festival is well known to artists throughout several western states as the place to show and sell their art and […]