Scharwenka, Schubert Open Le Salon Season

By James M. GARREN One hundred and five years after its birth in 1910, Le Salon de Musiques welcomed the U.S. premier of Phillip Scharwenka’s String Quartet in D minor Op 117 courtesy of Francois Chouchan, founder and artistic director of Le Salon de Musiques. Also on Sunday’s program were “Quartettsatz” and “Rosamunde” by Franz […]

A Young Star on the Rise

By James M. GARREN Mozart wrote his first symphony when he was 8 years old. Michael Jackson at 10 was signed by Motown with the Jackson 5. At 16, Taylor Swift released her first big hit, “Tim McGraw.” Now Ray Goren, 15 years old, slams the world with his EP “Songs for You.” At 3 […]