GUSD and GTA on hold

GUSD and GTA on hold

By Mary O’KEEFE The Glendale Unified School District and Glendale Teachers Union remain in a holding pattern as they await the results from the fact finding report expected by Aug. 15. At the July 27 GUSD school board meeting Assistant Superintendent John Garcia ran through a Power Point presentation to help clarify the time line […]

No end in sight for school district contract woes

By Michael YEGHIAYAN Negotiations between the Glendale Unified School District and its employee unions have stalled, threatening the job security of Glendale teachers and classified employees. Cutbacks have impacted the budgets of the Glendale Teachers Association as well as the California School Employees Union. In order to close the gap of the budget shortfall, both […]

GTA vs. GUSD: Saga continues

By Brandon HENSLEY While students can breathe easier knowing school is out for the summer, the real tests may just be heating up between the parties responsible for teaching them. The Glendale Teachers Association and the Glendale Unified School District are still at an impasse over a contract agreement, with furlough days and health care […]

GUSD meeting includes honors and budget talk

By Brandon HENSLEY The GUSD board meeting on Tuesday featured an awards presentation to some standout educators, then attention was turned to the job status of those teachers. The ongoing issue of layoffs within the district was again talked about, as parents and children from several elementary schools were allowed to speak in favor of rescinding the pink slips. Around 105 teachers have been handed RIF notices […]

GTA, GUSD Negotiations stalled over health care

By Brandon HENSLEY Negotiations between the Glendale Teachers Association and the Glendale Unified School District have intensified recently, and the main roadblock is a problem that is being felt nationwide. Because the state continues to pull funding for education, the district has proposed a new health care plan to save money for the long term. […]