May 1, Taste of Montrose & Double the Fun!

This Sunday, May 1, is a big day in town. The Montrose Shopping Park is hosting five different events! Last week I shared about Kids ‘N Kritters, Wags & Whiskers, the Harvest Market, and the Thieves Market. This week it’s all about the food. The annual Taste Of Montrose event will be going on from […]

Red Jensen: The Child Psycho-killer of La Crescenta

Back in the ‘30s, the Jensen family of La Crescenta had big problems with their son Richard, nick-named “Red” because of his mop of curly red hair. The kid had a penchant for thievery, and starting at 6 years old, began a steady stream of burglaries and vandalism. Often caught at it, he was sent […]

Adventurers among us

Writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau once observed that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Being self-employed for the past 14-plus years (not to mention raising four kids, two of whom are still in college), I know intimately about being in a state of quiet desperation. Trust me. And yet, I tend […]

Busy in the Valley

Wow! What a busy time in the valley. I remember growing up when all of a sudden, after weeks of an empty calendar, everything seemed to happen at once. My mom used to say, “Feast or famine!” Last weekend was certainly a time of feasting. Saturday morning was spent at the annual Arbor Day celebration […]

Your Timely Responses

I’ve been writing “My Thoughts, Exactly” once a week for several years now. Over the course of nearly 150 columns, I’ve extolled, criticized, expressed outright sarcasm, dished out a bit of humor (hopefully), and admitted to wonderment, optimism, hope, concern, frustration and despair about any number of things. I’ve griped about mail carriers and trash […]

Reflection, resolution

It’s no surprise that when Jan. 1 rings in a new year it generally also ushers in a host of  promises. Hopefully, though, some reflection is given on what did and didn’t work in the last 365 days. The desire, too, is to discover what things are truly important and to embrace those while discarding […]

Getting my Jesus on

I admit that, for me, it is sometimes hard to get into the “holiday spirit,” especially since our children are pretty much grown. When the boys were younger I was much more plugged into Christmas – baking for friends, decorating the house and setting up the tree. But times have changed in the Goldsworthy house […]

The weather outside was delightful

Sitting here writing this, bundled against cold temperatures and cloudy skies, I am so grateful for last Saturday’s fantastic weather for the CVHS Prom Plus Holiday Tour of Homes. Temperatures hovered around 80 degrees and though some – like my friends Jim Chase and Mary O’Keefe – don’t typically appreciate the warm temps in December, […]

The season has officially started

The Montrose Christmas Parade was my official start to the holiday season and everything that means. On Saturday, we here at the CV Weekly were busy spiffing up our office for a ‘pre-parade’ open house and goodie giveaway. Our office faces Honolulu Avenue and for those preparing for the parade, we opened our picture window […]

Revving up for the holidays

I write this with a comfortably full tummy. For us, the Thanksgiving celebration lasted four days and was definitely a time to be thankful. We hosted family and friends not only for the grand dinner on Thursday, but again on Sunday to celebrate the 18th birthday of our youngest. Yes, time does fly by. On […]