CCNS’ Busy Bears and Darling Ducks Learn the Meaning of Christmas

CCNS (Crescenta-Cañada Cooperative Nursery School) held its annual Christmas program on Wednesday, Dec. 22 within the Lutheran Church in the Foothills. Both the Busy Bears (4 year olds) and Darling Ducks (3 year olds) took part, learning the true meaning of Christmas through their participation in a Christmas program that was complete with a surprise […]

Filling the pews – part 4: Opening the doors for Christmas

By Brandon HENSLEY Everyone knows Linus’ memorable speech in “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and perhaps that’s what’s on people’s minds when they attend a church service during the Christmas season. But if someone attends one service just for Christmas and doesn’t go again the whole year, did it really happen? Ask any pastor around town, […]

Sheriffs, Glendale Police and CHP all give this holiday

By Mary O’KEEFE Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s Toy and Food Drive volunteers packed up items for over 200 families early Saturday morning and began delivering. The rain didn’t dampen the spirit of giving as the volunteers went to homes of families in need, bringing food and toys. Joanne Berg has been part of the toy drive […]

Making it a banner Christmas

It’s that most wonderful time of the year – when conservatives lament the ever-escalating “war on Christmas” and liberals/progressives ridicule the very idea that any such movement exists. The most recent skirmish in this ongoing cultural battle was waged early this month in Southlake, Tex., a suburban community northwest of Fort Worth. The local branch […]

Letters to the editor

Takes issue with Lawler’s article I found the slant of Mike Lawler’s article bias in favor of the neighbors (An annoyed neighborhood strikes back, Dec. 31). Why didn’t he interview the developer for his side of the story? Did Mike for one moment consider the other side or that he was getting wrong information? For […]