ADI Accusations Continue to Rile Council

By Ted AYALA Tuesday evening saw the Glendale City Council convene another brief meeting with all council members in attendance. Opening remarks were led by Councilman Dave Weaver who bitterly denied allegations of fraud that have been made against him by some in the media and various private citizens. “We’re in an election cycle and […]

Still Looking Inward

While the investigation into ADI continues – and we, too, will be following its progress – I have to say thanks to the many folks who have taken the time to comment on the coverage provided by CV Weekly. Mary O’Keefe has been working diligently in gathering the facts and her story last week was […]

New Year Ignites New(s) Controversy

Talk about a messy divorce. The preliminary dissolution of the nuptials of a prominent couple triggered an investigation into ADI, a development firm that is accused of inflating costs on city-related projects. In itself an important story, but what has actually seemed to catch fire is the manner in which the information has been presented […]

ADI is On Trial, Not John Drayman

There’s a witch-hunt on in Glendale with a small group of City Council gadflies and the Glendale News-Press hoping to lead an angry mob. Unfortunately, the man they’d like to burn at the stake is CV’s own John Drayman. It seems to be an American pastime to knock heroes off their pedestals, even when they […]

ADI and The City

By Mary O’KEEFE Many issues were raised and dealt with at the Glendale City Council meeting on Tuesday but several in the audience were waiting for their turn to speak about the recent report of a developer that is now accused of fraud and possible criminal activity and the implications of impropriety by city officials. […]