Rosemont’s ‘Real Men’


The Rosemont boys’ basketball team, coached by Brent Ballard and John Peterson, celebrated another undefeated league season with a staff versus players scrimmage and team party in November in the Rosemont Middle School gym. The boys beat the staff, 69-67, on a winning basket by Evan Mulcahey.  

For the last eight years, Ballard has been the head coach of the Spartans and, in that time, has established an envied tradition: winning the GUSD Middle School title each year.  

“Of the many coaches we have here at Rosemont, Brent is one of our best, not just because of the success of his teams, but because of how he invests in our boys. He is a true model of integrity and character to these players. His ‘real man’ challenge is one of my favorite things about what he does,” said Mark Gang, Rosemont athletic director.

During the team party, to fulfill their challenge, players stand in front of parents and community members and recite one aspect of what a “real man” is (a real man does not brag, a real man keeps his word, a real man always does his best, etc.). Their speeches are met with smiles and rousing applause from the audience.  

Although basketball season is over, the Rosemont girls’ volleyball and flag football teams have conducted tryouts and are now practicing for their seasons in January and February.

Contributed by Mark GANG