Hooper Upsets Bosveld,
All-Star Team Next

Veteran Fantasy Football player Dan Hooper upset Tim Bosveld. Led by Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers (17 points), Dallas receiver Dez Bryant (20 points) and the Baltimore Raven defense (21 points), Hooper swamped Bosveld 72 – 35. Hooper will now take on a Thanksgiving week All-Star team of players from previous King-of-the-Hill winners: Jack Bilheimer, Heather Dinger, Terry Webber, Matt Goldsworthy and Joe Kroening.

                                           Hooper                              All-Star Team
Quarterback                      Aaron Rodgers, GB              Peyton Manning (Den)
Running Back                  Matt Forte, CHI                    Arian Foster (Hou)
Receiver                           Dez Bryant, DAL                     Calvin Johnson (Det)
Kicker                               Jason Hanson, DET                 Steve Gostkowski (NE)
Def Spec Team                Baltimore Ravens                  Baltimore Ravens

Tho Bui Scores 104 This Week
In record setting fashion, Tho Bui was the week 10 winner. Led by Atlanta quarterback Matt Schaub’s outstanding 41 point performance and New England Receiver Rob Gronkowski’s 25 points, Bui scored 104 points. Repeat winner Jack Bilheimer and Megan Bosveld tied for second with 77 points apiece.

Tho Bui 104 points
Jack Bilheimer 77 points
Megan Bosveld 77 points