Heather Dinger Wins, Matt Goldsworthy Up Next

With a strong second half performance on Monday Night Football, Peyton Manning led Heather’s team to an upset 74-72 win over her father Joe Kroening. Heather is the third King-of-the-Hill this season and will play Matt Goldsworthy this week.

Matt, a 2007 graduate of CV High School, is a competitive paintball coach and player. He has coached and played paintball matches all over the United States. Matt is in his fifth season of fantasy football and looks forward to this week’s challenge.

Here are their teams:
                                    Dinger                                 Goldsworthy
Quarterback              Peyton Manning, DEN         Aaron Rodgers, GB
Running Back           Arian Foster, HOU               Arian Foster, HOU
Receiver                     Larry Fitzgerald, AZ            Reggie Wayne, IND
Kicker                        Mason Crosby, GB               Rob Gostkowski, NE
Def Spec Team         New York Jets                     San Francisco 49ers

Dan Hooper Tops The Fantasy Football Field Week Six
Veteran fantasy football player Dan Hooper won the high scoring week six competition. His team amassed 85 points and led runner-up Tom Flanagan by five points and third place finisher Matt Goldsworthy by nine points. Nine teams scored more than 60 points and another seven players scored 50 points or more.

We are still looking for a few more players and you can enter at any time. Just eMail with your line-up.

Week Six Winners
Dan Hooper   85 points              Tom Flanagan    80 points              Matt Goldsworthy   76 points