With a strong performance from QB Eli Manning of the New York Giants and running back Jamaal Charles of the Kansas City Chiefs, Joe Kroening repeated his run as King-of-the-Hill for week five. Joe’s team defeated Jack Bilheimer 75–44 and will face Heather Dinger this week.
Heather, who claims to be Peyton Manning’s No. 1 fan, is rumored to be planning a trip to San Diego for the Monday night game between Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers. She is also Joe’s daughter, making this father-daughter match-up an historic first in our King-of-the-Hill challenge.

Here are their teams:
    Kroening    Dinger
Quarterback           Eli Manning, NYG        Peyton Manning, DEN
Running Back      Jamaal Charles, KC        Arian Foster, HOU
Receiver                A J Green, CINN             Larry Fitzgerald, AZ
Kicker                    Robbie Gould, CHI        Mason Crosby, GB
Def Spec Team    Baltimore Ravens           New York Jets

Terry Webber wins CV Weekly Fantasy Football III week five
Defending 2012 Champion Terry Webber was the runaway winner week five He was followed by Matt Goldsworthy, Tom Flanagan and Joe Kroening. All four players have qualified for the year-end wild card playoffs.
CV Weekly Fantasy Football III is a non-draft league and new players can join at any time. If you would like to play, email your questions or line-up to Lynn McGinnis at

Week Five Winners
Terry Webber    96 points    Matt Goldsworthy    79 points
Tom Flanagan    75 points    Joe Kroening    75 points