Webber Wins King-of-the-Hill, Ochoa Next

Terry Webber, the current CV Weekly Fantasy Football II defending champion, defeated superintendent Dick Sheehan 79 – 63 in the first week of the King-of-the-hill competition. Terry will take on Glendale City Manager Scott Ochoa this week. Scott, an Azusa High School grad, started his football career in the Azusa Pop Warner league. He has his jersey displayed in his City Hall office.

Here are this week’s line-ups for Terry and Scott.
     Webber                    Ochoa
Quarterback          Drew Brees             Michael Vick
Running back        Adian Foster          Adian Foster
Receiver                  Calvin Johnson     Calvin Johnson
Kicker                       David Akers          S Janikowski
D. Special Team    Philadelphia           Pittsburgh

Week One Results
The third season of fantasy football started with a close finish and featured a dynamic father-daughter duo. Tim Bosveld of Tujunga finished on top and his daughter Megan, a high school junior, finished a close second. Veteran fantasy football player Tho Bui finished in a tie with Megan.
The top three finishers each week advance to the Wild Card Weekend Playoffs in January.

Tim Bosveld         83 points
Megan Bosveld    82 points
Tho Bui                 82 points

CV Weekly Fantasy Football III is a non draft league and you can join at anytime. Just fill out the entry blank below and send it in. It’s a lot of fun.