Changes to Rosemont Sports Schedule this Year

The Rosemont Spartan after-school sports program will have a slightly new look this year. Boys’ basketball, girls’ soccer and cross-country will compete in the fall (September-November), the flag football, girls volleyball and track seasons run from December to February, and girls basketball and boys soccer complete the year, running from March through May.

“The middle schools agreed that making some slight changes in the overall schedule would benefit students. We can run two different games simultaneously; for example, basketball in the gym and soccer on the field. Students are able to get home earlier from travel games so they can have more time for family, homework and other commitments,” said Mark Gang, Rosemont athletic director.

The sports schedule is already ramping up with tryouts and practices in preparation for competition.

Coaches are the pillars of the program, with over 20 adult volunteers donating countless hours to train, coach and mentor the athletes. Here are the names of this year’s coaches for fall sports at Rosemont:

Boys Basketball: Brent Ballard and John Peterson

Girls Soccer: Robert Parada, Jordan Cho and Kristen Mascheroni

Cross-Country: Chris Davis, Rebecca Fitzgerald to the list and Carolyn Sion

Girls Lacrosse: Boz Crowther and Eitye Sheklow