IOTEC wins CSA Pinto Championship

The winning CSA Pinto team members are (back row) Dana Ruf, Eric Hagenow and Troy Cancelosi; (middle row) Michael Ruf, Matthew Larsen, Declan Beatty, Jay Dickinson, Edan Bash and Cody Cancelosi; and (front row) Jackson Ziegenfuss, Jordan Neven, Manny Ortiz, Chase Smith and Nicholas Lopes.

The Crescenta Sports Association (CSA) IOTEC captured the championship last Saturday with a 1-0 victory. The team finished with 19 wins, two losses and one tie and was coached by Dana Ruf and Troy Cancelosi. IOTEC, Integrated Office Technology, has sponsored CSA teams for the last five years.
At the championship game, Cody Cancelosi led of the first inning with a double. Nicholes Lopes came up to bat and hit Cancelosi in for the only run of the game. Outstanding pitching by Cancelosi, Lopes and Manny Ortiz along with a strong defense shut the opposing team out. Chase Smith made a difficult catch, after a pop up into the sun, at the bottom of the sixth left the team with only one more out to clinch the championship.
Contributed by Lisa Johnson