Burroughs Buries Falcons – Again


Falcons boys tennis got crushed for the second time on Tuesday by Burroughs, 15-3. Having lost their previous series 14-4, the Falcons unfortunately repeated that performance.

In doubles, the Falcons’ number two double of Chris Kim and Justin Chong lost to the Indians’ number three Ryan Hoang and Eric Lee, 6-2.

The Falcons started strong, jumping to a 15-40 lead and forcing the opposition to make backhand volley errors and hit wide backhands. Burroughs recovered to win the next three points to hold serve, 1-0.

CV didn’t appear fazed by the lost opportunity holding serve in the next game.

The Falcons got to a 40-0 lead on forehand and volley winners. On the deciding point, Burroughs hit a backhand into the net to even the match at one apiece.

Burroughs continued performing solid to hold serve. They captured a 40-15 lead on wide forehand and net forehand returns. The Falcons saved one break on a forehand volley winner, putting pressure on Burroughs. But Burroughs remained composed to win the next point on a forehand into the net during a rally, 2-1.

It was apparent then that the Falcons lost focus as their serve got broken.

Burroughs reached a 15-40 lead as CV committed a double fault, hit a wide forehand winner along with wide forehand volley. The Falcons saved one break on a wide forehand return but Burroughs was at the ready and came back to win the deciding point after a failed poach attempt to extend the Indians’ lead 3-1. They continued to capitalize on the break ending the next at 4-1.

The game went neck and neck until it was nodded at 30-30 on a double fault by Burroughs. However, Burroughs won the next two points to leap ahead.

The Falcons showed some signs of recovery as they held serve to prevent the lead from extending farther.

They got off to a slow start at 0-30 on forehand and backhand volleys into the net. CV battled back to win the next three points as the opposition committed volley errors along with good serving from the Falcons.

The game was closed on a strong serve to maintain the lead at two games, 4-2.

But it wasn’t enough as Burroughs broke the Falcons’ serve for the third time to win the match 6-2.

Quick recap of other matches:

The Falcons won two of the nine matches in singles, while posting only one win in doubles.

After the end of the series, Coach Sarah Wiggins said the team was making the same mistakes as usual, playing the match at the opposition’s tempo.

The Falcons next play Pasadena today at 3:30 p.m.