Falcons Get Trounced by Spartans


In singles tennis, Falcons’ number one Chris Kim lost to La Cañada’s number two Andre Danvns 6-3.

The first game was tight with Kim gaining a 40-30 lead. However, Danvns leveled the game at deuce when Kim hit a wide crosscourt forehand.

Afterwards, Danvns broke his serve as he committed a double fault on the deciding point for a 1-0 lead.

Danvns extended his lead into the next game.

He leveled the field after being down 15-40 as Kim hit a forehand into the net and a wide lob to bring the game to deuce.

On the deciding point, Danvns got it as Kim hit a backhand into the net during a backhand rally. However, Kim was able to hold his serve on the next game.

After being down 0-30, he tied it to 30-30 as Danvns hit a wide forehand slice on a strong serve followed by a forehand into the net on a weak serve.

Danvns again got a chance to break his serve as he got up 30-40 as he hit a crosscourt winner. However, Kim saved the break as Danvns hit a forehand into the net.

At deuce, the deciding point, Danvns hit another crosscourt winner but it was wide.

Unfortunately, Kim couldn’t break the opponent’s serve to even the game.

Danvns got off to a quick start at 40-0 as Kim hit a passing shot into the net followed by a wide crosscourt forehand and a wide backhand down the line.

The game was completed after Kim hit a wide lob.

Again, Kim was able to hold serve in the next game to keep it at bay.

Similar to the previous game, he got to a quick start as Danvns hit a slice backhand into the net followed by another wide slice return and winner down the line during a rally.

He got the game after Danvns hit a backhand service return into the net.

Perseverance paid off with Kim able to break serve to tie the game at three a piece in the next. The game went neck and neck as both players had their share of groundstroke errors and winners for a 30-30 tie. Danvns had the chance to extend his lead 4-2 but Kim hit a crosscourt forehand to bring it to deuce.

At the deciding point, Danvns hit a crosscourt wide backhand to tie the game 3-3.

Unfortunately, Danvns broke Kim’s serve two more times and held his own serve to win the match 6-3.

Quick recap of other matches:

The Falcons won three out of nine games in singles and only one match in doubles.

Coach Sarah Wiggins said that the same problems kept r-occurring: lack of focus, errors and not changing game plans during the match.

The Falcons next travel to Hoover High School today at 3:30 p.m.