The Way I See It: Once This Is Over, Let The Kids Play



In what seemed like an instant one of the most highly-anticipated sports events was ripped from local basketball fans: the appearance by the St. Francis Golden Knights at the CIF state basketball championship.

Just before the team was set to head to Sacramento, St. Francis coach Todd Wolfson received the news that the CIF game was canceled due to the COVID-19 virus and no contest would be played in the future.

The news hit the coaches and players hard; all they worked for was gone.

All Wolfson’s team could do was pray and they did, each team member wrapping his arm around another. Later, on sports anchor Fred Roggin’s radio show, Wolfson freely offered his opinion on the situation.

“I really wanted to coach my guys one more time, especially the seniors,” Wolfson said.

With his team on the brink of making history, none could blame the coach for his grief considering that his team was expected to finish last in Mission League but instead ended with a ticket to the CIF championship. The Golden Knights defied the odds repeatedly and were eager to face Weston Ranch High School. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put an end to that dream, axing the season with a series of “What ifs?”

With so much emotion and outcry over the decision to not reschedule, the CIF state committee should reconsider and let the kids play once the COVID-19 situation is contained.

The teams deserve it.