Falcons Snap Losing Streak with a 14-4 Win Over La Salle


Having lost on a regular basis, the Falcons boys tennis team finally had it.

In singles, Falcons number one Chris Kim crashed their number two player, Jeff Deriscoll 6-0.

In the first game, Kim got off to a fast start at 0-40 as Deriscoll made unforced errors – errors not forced by the opponent including a wide forehand winner and a backhand into the net. He broke Deriscoll’s serve when the opposition hit a forehand winner into the net for a 1-0 lead.

The same pattern of play continued into the second game as Kim got to an early lead at 40-0.

Deriscoll kept making the same mistakes hitting wide forehand or into the net. However, he got himself a bit into the game at 30-40 as Kim made a double fault, hitting two fault serves and a forehand volley winner after a crosscourt forehand approach shot. Fortunately, Kim was able to hold serve as Deriscoll hit a wide forehand again after a short rally.

He broke the opponent’s serve again for a commanding 3-0 lead.

Kim was able to even the score 30-30 after losing the first two points on a wide backhand and a forehand into the net. At 40-30 he had a chance to break serve as Deriscoll hit a forehand winner into he net. However, Kim missed the opportunity as he hit a wide forehand winner. Determined, he got another chance to break serve when Deriscoll put an easy backhand volley into the net for AD out (advantage to the opponent). Kim managed to break the serve as his opponent missed a forehand winner after a Kim played a short ball in the middle of the court.

Kim’s manhandling of his opponent kept continuing.

He regrouped after being down 0-15 to turn the score around 40-15 as Deriscoll made three slice errors in a row, two wide and one into the net. He held his serve as his opponent hit another backhand winner wide for a 4-0 lead.

Deriscoll got broken for the third time in a row in the next game.

Kim took control of the game, getting to a 0-40 lead. Dericoll’s couldn’t fix his errors as his wide backhand and forehand kept piling. Kim broke the serve after his backhand hit the net and dropped right under it.

In the final game, Kim finished the match as Dericoll hit a wide slice forehand at 40-15 for the end of the match.

Coach Sarah Wiggins said that the win will raise the team’s confidence level. She continued, saying hopefully it would be the start of a winning streak.

She added that some of improvements included a desire for winning and better feet movement. However, she’s still concerned about letting the opponent into the game after getting the lead.

The Falcons next play Arcadia today at 3:30 p.m.