Montrose Church launches new series

 Pastor Dave Roberts and wife Cindy. Photo Courty of Roberts family
Pastor Dave Roberts and wife Cindy. Photo Courty of Roberts family

By Shana LiVIGNI

When you think about church, chances are a lot of stereotypes come to mind. But Pastor Dave Roberts of Montrose Church wants to shatter those stereotypes and encourages community members to stop by who want to “be real,” get connected and serve the community, no matter where they are in their life journey.

Roberts has been serving as pastor for the past 21 years, a calling which he and his family consider a privilege. He embraces a religious philosophy that recognizes shared weaknesses and diverse histories. “We’re not perfect and we know we never will be. We come from all kinds of backgrounds,” he said. “He wants to meet us where we are!”

The pastor debuted a seven part weekly series of sermons called “Inside Out” last Sunday to a packed crowd at Crescenta Valley High School’s auditorium. Not one to shy away from sensitive issues, Roberts has identified specific areas that he feels will help his church family.

The sermons will address grappling with stress and fear, “wasting energy” trying to figure out life, and exploring the notions of “What if God really does want to get inside of your junk?” and “What if God can even use your junk to carry out His purposes in the mess of life today?”

The goal is to encourage people to keep taking the next step towards Jesus. “God’s truth doesn’t change. He just loves you. It’s that simple. Not some cleaned up version of you…the real you,” Roberts said. “All He asks of you is to keep taking the next step.”

The church has an extensive website that outlines the many ministries available including Keep Taking the Next Step. The church’s services incorporate contemporary music with relevant Biblical teachings and stories of real lives that have been changed.

Other things going on in the church include a three day women’s retreat. Titled Clean, the retreat will provide a place and time to relax, connect with friends and clear the mind. Another ministry is LifeGroups, a “safe place” for connecting with others and developing meaningful relationships.

Montrose Church also offers a series of classes that provide an opportunity to learn more about who they as a church, what God is calling His people to do and how to become involved. Classes are offered quarterly, and childcare and lunch is provided. The next class is Sunday, Nov. 1 from 1-3 p.m. All are welcome.

Montrose Church has served the Crescenta Valley since 1927. Its website gives details on the many ministries and classes available. In addition, all sermons can be found online to ensure that anyone interested has a chance to become connected, either through previous podcasts via the internet or downloaded through iTunes.

A Newcomer Lunch is being held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 25 for those who are interested in learning firsthand more about Montrose Church.

Montrose Church is located at 2409 Florencita Drive in Montrose. For more information, visit, call (818) 249.8309 or e-mail